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Seducing the Warrior: To Love A Wicked Warrior Book 1 by Laura Shipley

Seducing the Warrior: To Love A Wicked Warrior Book 1 by Laura Shipley


A soldier losing his vision. A lady fleeing for her life. An unlikely couple… bound together in desire, need, and love.

The man in the shadows…

Injured in battle and his sight failing, Royce Davis has dwelled in darkness since his return to England, in more ways than one. Consumed by bitterness and pain, Royce is determined to make his way in the world alone. But when a fiery-haired vixen accepts his offer of employment, his heart is awakened by a woman whose beauty enthralls him and whose touch ignites a yearning he cannot resist.

The woman who brings the light…

On the run from a ruthless enemy, Lily Moore finds refuge in Royce Davis’s home. Refusing to be put off by her employer’s coarse manners, Lily senses the real man behind the facade…as well as a desperate passion she longs to answer.

The darkness that cannot be escaped…

Royce refuses to believe he could ever be worthy of a woman like Lily. But when the past catches up with his new assistant, he will move heaven and earth to keep her safe. Royce must prepare to do battle with a cunning adversary while fighting against his own blindness. Lily never meant for Royce to be caught up in this deadly game. But now what began as a business arrangement has become something much more. Can a bargain born of necessity lead them to a fated love? Or will a madman see them parted forever?

Publication date 21/9/2021

My Review….

Royce is losing his sight! It was gradually going, but fighting in the war has left him with failing eyesight!! Laying in a hospital bed, he vows to become a successful business man and leave the idea of a wife and family firmly behind. Who’s going to want to marry and later care for a blind man?

Lily is on the run! She had been for a while. She needs somewhere to hide and evade her pursuer!

Meeting Lily has Royce in a spin. Can he really offer her a job when his heart is doing crazy things?! He needs to be professional and forget his fiery headed temptress.

Working for Royce will answer her prayers, but he’s so remote, how can she persuade him to allow her to live this new life?

I loved both Royce and Lily, Royce didn’t let his disability stop him from finding his place on the world, but it did make him unsure that Lily could ever look upon him as a man and not just her employer. Lily is a great character, although tired of running she hasn’t given up on love and life. She fights for Royce, even when he constantly pushes her away.

A new series and a new author for me. A Slow burn romance that has you rooting for Lily, you want her to succeed in her mission to make Royce fall for her. It will have you turning each page to find out if Lily’s past will catch up to her, and will Royce become her saviour.

Great plot to this new series, and it opens up for fallen hero’s to find their place in a world that will have just thrown them away!

Can’t wait to read book two in the series.


About the Author Laura Shipley is an indie author who writes steamy historical romance with hot, alpha heroes and strong-willed, independent heroines. Through thick and thin, they find their way to love. While historical romance is her passion, Laura also enjoys reading books from all genres, with paranormal being a close second. Who doesn’t love a good vampire romance?! When not writing, Laura enjoys time with her husband and children and has a current obsession with diamond art. Seriously, you should check it out, she loves it. When it comes to movies, believe it or not, horror is her top viewing choice, and she has an unhealthy fascination with true crime shows. Yes, she writes stories about happily ever after but watches TV shows about how best to hide the bodies. It’s probably why all of her books have some level of intrigue mixed into each story. She enjoys writing novels that take readers to another time and place and allows them to fall in love with the characters. Laura can often be found on Facebook, where she interacts with her readers and provides updates on upcoming releases. She would love to hear your thoughts on her stories, and can be emailed.
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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Hate to Lose You. I am so glad you liked it!


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