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Hate to Lose You (Baker’s Bunch Book 3) by Lily Ryan

Some call me cocky. Others arrogant. I prefer to go by Mr. Fix it.

I’ve been around the block enough to know that happily ever is as fictional as fairy tales. I choose to live in the real world where love equals heartache and the word monogamy doesn’t pass my lips unless it’s a punch line in a joke.

My life consists of a revolving door of women that come through one, two, sometimes three at a time. I’m perfectly happy with meaningless sexual encounters, as long as we both have fun and emotions are nonexistent.

Until I meet Sophia. Sitting at a bar with her friends, I pick up on her sad, forced smiles. The moment our eyes meet I know she needs a visit from Mr. Fix it. I can distract her from whatever’s troubling her. As I get to know the smart, sexy blonde I find a flaw in my plan.

She’s not the one that‘s broken. I am.

Publication date 23/9/2021

Hate to Lose You (Baker’s Bunch Book 3) by Lily Ryan

My Review

Tyler is your typical love them one day, gone the next. And you can’t really blame him as he witnesses a messy divorce, and his ex really messed with his head. 
So his attitude isn’t stellar, in fact he’s downright arrogant!! 
Can anyone get through to this a$$hole! 

Sophia has this really calming effect on family and friends, and I don’t think she was ever ready for the force that was Tyler. The constant chasing wore her down, and she let him in…..

Meeting Sophia puts him in a total spin, thinking he can help her out he doesn’t realise until later how much she helps him. But in true romance style, our hero finds out too late!! 
Can he salvage the best thing he’s ever had? 

Easily read in a day, this book has me going through a whole gamut of emotions.
If I wasn’t laughing, then I had emotional lumps forming in my throat.
I’ve not read the previous books, and I don’t think you miss anything. But at some point I’m going back to read books one and two. It’s nicely written, going back and forth from the past to the present without getting me confused. Tyler’s past and conquests catch up with him, and it’s all too much for Sophia! He uses people for his own ends! And watching him destroy his relationship with Sophia had me wanting to climb into my kindle to slap him!!

Highly recommended this book if you want a second chance romance and a hero who needs a shake and a slap!!



Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Also Available:

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 About Lily Ryan

Who doesn’t want to fall in love over and over again? I spend my days playing house with my husband and kids, and my nights lost in a fictional world with the sexy alphas of my imagination.

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