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Broken Beasts of Beauty by Loxley Savage

Broken Beasts of Beauty by Loxley Savage


I thought I’d die in the dungeons.

My father is a terrible man. He claimed a demon lived inside me and imprisoned me for months in his torture chamber. Then, one fateful day, he found himself on the bitter end of a curse, and he offered me in exchange for his freedom.

I thought my life was over, but I was wrong.

While trapped within the curse creator’s ancient castle, phantoms begin speaking to me, caressing me with invisible hands, and proclaiming I’m theirs. One is cold and possessive, another curious and calculating, and the third… well, he might be damaged beyond repair—just like me.

At night, however, when the phantoms leave, terrifying beasts emerge. Their snarls and roars awaken something dark within me, and their pull is impossible to resist.

I’m changing, becoming something greater than I ever thought I could be.

When the past comes back to haunt me, and my future is compromised, I find myself facing an old enemy. This time, though, I won’t submit. This time, I’ll become the demon he always claimed I was—a broken beast.

***Broken Beasts of Beauty is a full-length, stand-alone, dark, PNR, RH fairy tale retelling. Nothing inside these pages is appropriate for a children’s story. Within this tale are scenes with detailed sex, naughty language, torture, violence, revenge, and much more. If such material offends you, please do not read this book.***

Publication date 24/9/2021

My Review

Where do I start? Well it’s a fairytale, it’s definitely more Grimm than Disney. It’s dark, it’s twisted and it’s awesome.

The beginning of the book is a little slow, it builds into a dark world where Brondwyn or Stormy as she’s also known by, is different from other children! Berated by her parents, belittled by her sisters and tormented by everyone else! Your heart will break at the cruelty Brondwyn faces on a daily basis.

Being different has also made her strong, Stormy doesn’t give in, she’s a force of nature that can’t be contained. She knows she’s different from other people, but she’s not expecting her life to alter in such a dramatic way……

It’s also a RH (Reverse Harem, one woman/more than one man!) so we get to meet her men, who soon become her protectors and advisors. It’s incredibly steamy, it’s also thoughtful and caring. And it’s what Stormy deserves after so many years of abuse and neglect.
I don’t have a favourite male character, as they all have something that will appeal to you, and they all bring something special to this book.

Action? Yes. Romance? Oh yes. Steam factor? A sauna in the desert hot. Revenge and Retribution? Oh we have some of that too 😉

I’ve not read this author before, but she’s definitely being added to my reading list. Nicely written and with a solid plot.

It’s a book I know I’ll be reading again.

So, if you like your fairytales with a kink, then this book should be on your TBR list.


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