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The Hacker (Chicago Bratva Book 5) by Renee Rose



The sweet redhead in our building isn’t as innocent as we thought.
She brought a Fed into our circle. Got my twin brother shot.

Now she will pay. I’m putting her in charge of nursing him back to health.

If he dies, she dies. That’s what I told her, anyway.

Of course I wouldn’t actually harm her.

Our beautiful neighbor is already under my skin.

But that won’t stop me from punishing her

then touching her in all the ways I vowed I wouldn’t.

She’s ruined my peace. Become a distraction I can’t afford.

I want to keep her under my control…

I need to keep her out of my heart.

The Hacker (Chicago Bratva Book 5) by Renee Rose

Publication date 28/9/2021



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“What’s going to happen to me?”
I shrug. “Depends, amerikanka.”
“On what?”
“On what I find. On your behavior. On many things.” My dick thickens again, thinking of her punishment this morning. It’s so wrong, but I find myself hoping she’ll misbehave. That I’ll get to pin her wrists and smack her ass and listen to her sweet, choked cries.
“Is it up to you? Is that why Ravil said he’d let you sort of the rest of it out with me in private?”
I can’t help myself. My lips curve into a tiny smirk. “That’s right. I decide how and to what extent you are punished. So if you were wise, you’d keep a safe distance from me.”
Her lips part in a pretty “O” but she doesn’t look scared or upset. No, her pupils are dilated. She’s turned on.
Blyad’. I need to rediscover my anger toward her, because right now, I’m thinking of a hundred possible punishments and they all involve her naked and at my mercy.


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#6 The Bookie – Releasing December 7

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Excerpt: I don’t like this side of you,” he mutters as I reach for the button on his jeans.
Ignoring the sharp stab of pain his words produce, I resolve to keep the upper hand. Because I do have it. I watched his control crumble before my eyes. Noted the effect of my body on his. I lower his zipper, freeing his cock. Gripping the base, I part my lips, slackening my jaw to show my tongue but stop before I make contact. “You do like this side of me,” I maintain, somehow making my gaze a challenge, even though I’m the one on my knees.
His cock surges in my fist, the purpled head already weeping with pre-cum. He wants to put it in my mouth. He wraps a fist around my messy bun, but when I resist him guiding my mouth forward, he yields. He’s not the kind of guy to force a woman. I thought so, but it’s still a relief to be sure.
“Say it,” I demand. I flick the tip of my tongue over his slit, tasting the drop of his essence.
His breath rasps in through flared nostrils. His expression is stony, his eyes hard, but he mutters almost inaudibly, “You’re right, amerikanets. There’s no side of you I don’t like.”

My Review

Dima is part of the Bratva that live in the Kremlin (a Russian community living in America looked after by the Bratva). He’s not always been part of that group, but owing money to them means you pay them back, and they took both his brother’s and Dima’s life as payment. They belong to the Bratva!!

Natasha knows that living in the Kremlin has afforded both herself and her mother a good life, they are able to work and live without fear.

Dima has been aware of Natasha from the day she and her mother moved into his vision. Fascinated and torn, he knows he should keep away, but he can’t!

Then one night it all gets thrown away…. Natasha is drawn into Dima’s world. Seeing the harsher side of Dima only makes Natasha want him more! But with every pull towards him, he then pushed her away!! Why??

Now that Natasha is in his world, Dima needs to walk away, he made a promise years ago, and he’s not about to break it. But she makes it so hard for him!!

This is book five In the Chicago Bratva Series, I’ve not read any of the previous books, and I don’t think it really matters. There isn’t a continuing storyline, but there are characters in this book that have already found their women, so I’m assuming they are in the previous books.

It’s a really good read, heavy on the angst (that’s from Dima) hot and steamy in places 😉 and appearances from previous characters (they live with each other or close by) I loved the interaction between the Bratva and Dima, they seemed more like brothers than a group of me. I really liked how Dima wrestled with his emotions when it came to Natasha, it makes a change for the man to have doubts rather than the woman. Natasha was great, a mixture of minx and innocence, she knew what she wanted and chased him😉I’ve read a few Russian Mafia books lately, and this one although a little shorter than a few I’ve read, definitely holds its own. I’m definitely going back to read the others. I want to learn if they come over from Russia, or if they are already established when the series starts. And a couple of the characters that have their stories sound interesting. (Especially Oleg)

A recommended read.



USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR RENEE ROSE loves a dominant, dirty-talking alpha hero! She’s sold over a half million copies of steamy romance with varying levels of kink. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s Happily Ever After and Popsugar. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won Spunky and Sassy’s Favorite Sci-Fi and Anthology author, and The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance. She’s hit the USA Today list seven times with various anthologies.

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