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Just This Once: A Steamy Forbidden Love, Romantic Comedy (Big Apple Billionaires Series Book 2) by Evelyn Jeannie Hall


Over a year ago, Lacey and Zane enjoyed a scorching one-nighter. While memorable, that’s all it was ever supposed to be. But a month after that, they wound up having a second go-round. And that time was even hotter than the first.

Now, since they share the same circle of friends and colleagues, they’re forced to interact on the regular. After backsliding into each other’s arms again, they make a fun—yet clandestine—no-strings-attached arrangement.

Once those strings start to tangle, though, things get complicated. When unforeseeable events threaten more than their relationship status, their situation goes from a lighthearted romp to something far more serious, forcing a decision neither of them thought they’d have to make.

Will they choose to face this hard decision together, or will they be permanently ripped apart?

WARNING: This story contains a heroine with a faulty brain-to-mouth filter, scads of dirty language, a hero so ripped he could be featured on a comic book, and lots of graphic love scenes: including but not limited to one involving a window seat, an exposed fifth story view over Central Park, and a transparent shirt.

Just This Once: A Steamy Forbidden Love, Romantic Comedy (Big Apple Billionaires Series Book 2) by Evelyn Jeannie Hall

Publication date 30/9/2021

My Review

Lacey is in the Maldives for a week for her sister Katrina’s wedding celebration. (First book in the series “Just You and Me” sees Katrina and Benji’s story) A fiery redhead with no filter! She says and does what she please! And a free spirit that won’t be tied down to just one partner forever!

Zane Morrison is best friend to Benjamin Torres. (Benji) Married briefly until it went wrong! And now he’s a love them once and leave them, no repeat performances thank you!

They initially got together after meeting at a thanksgiving at Benji’s home. A fun time was had by all! So when the opportunity to seize some fun time together on an island in the sun, both Zane and Lacey agree to being friends with added extras! But we all know

how that’s going to turn out…
Lacey is such a great character, we’d met her in the previous book (which you don’t really need to enjoy this book) and I thought her a fun character, love how she says what she feels, she’s also a caring individual which sometimes gets overlooked.

Zane I didn’t warm to straight away! His diabetes seem to give him an aloof feeling, but it’s great how the author gave him an illness which is easily controllable, but can be deadly if kept unchecked!

And it gave me a few chuckles with the one liners and snarky comments that bounced between these characters.

I’m hoping this is the the last we see of this group. It’s a fun read and I’d recommend it any day.


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