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Corrode (Four Horsemen Book 3) by Sarah Bailey


Francis Beaufort – Famine.

They say you shouldn’t hoard your wealth.
Those people know nothing of the power it brings.
Drake, West, Prescott and I are untouchable.
The men known as the Four Horsemen.
Gods ruling over our kingdom.

There are some secrets in this world greater than others. Our fifth was going to find that out the hard way.

Scarlett thought she knew why she’d come back, but she had no idea what lay in the dark recesses of her memories.

It started when we returned her to our sides. When we let desire fuel our needs. And it will end when the truth comes to light.

A dark reverse harem contemporary retelling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

This is a DARK romance and therefore carries a content warning.

There are cliffhangers in the first three books and an HEA in the last book.

Publication date 8/10/2021

Well!! Another cliffhanger!! And another emotional rollercoaster of a ride!! You’ll need tissues, chocolate, wine and a few cold showers!

Book three sees Scarlett living with the boys (well that’s what she call them) and loving them in the best way she can….

Famine/Francis/Frankie, just did my head in 😆 he couldn’t commit, he constantly sought to argue and punish Scarlett for everything wrong in his world! But after reading this book, we know why he punishes her, we also learn that Scarlett let’s him 😉🥵yes it’s spicy, but it’s also tender and it shows us that Frankie needs to LIGHTEN UP, and not blame Scarlett for the years she was missing!

Working through a few answers we were left with in books one and two, we are now left with different questions!! We also get caught out with a couple of twists! Delving evermore into Scarlett’s past, we get how they boys gravitated towards their light, because she was just that, their light in a dark world.

Leaving book three was hard, knowing book four won’t be for a while (November) but also knowing this series is coming to an end! I shall miss West and his psycho side, Prescott and his kinky side, Frankie and his chains and not forgetting Drake 😉

So bring on cataclysm, and let’s see how it all pans out….


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