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🧚‍♂️ARC REVIEW🧚‍♂️

Cinderella and Fae Charming (Fae twisted fairytales Book 1) by Amelia Shaw


Just because I sleep in front of the fire, doesn’t make me a damsel in distress.

My step-mother calls me Cinderella… Not because I’m happily married to a prince, but because I have a horrible family! My parents are both dead, leaving me with a step mother who tormented me until I left home forever.

Now I live on the streets, stealing food to survive. It isn’t ideal, but neither was living under the same roof as the my step-mother once my father died.

But I’m not helpless, I can handle anything that comes my way… Until I my step-mother tries to sell off my father’s house.

Now all bets are off.

*** Standalone Urban Fantasy twist on Cinderella with Fae, and magic, and a slow burn romance.

Publication date 28/9/2021

Cinderella and Fae Charming (Fae twisted fairytales Book 1) by Amelia Shaw

My Review

This is a new series from an author I regularly read. It’s a slow burn romance that can be easily read in a few hours.

Shawna is now living on the streets after leaving the family home! Her life was a living hell under her father’s roof! But not because of her parents. They’ve both died! It was her stepmother and stepsisters! Turning her into a drudge, they made her life so miserable it was easier to live on the streets than at home! Using the small amount of magic she possess, Shawna steals food! But lately her magic is failing her! Is it because she’s so hungry? She can’t turn to her only friend Blaize (he works as a tailors assistant) as she doesn’t want to get him into trouble)

Meeting Hanzel after following him through the market, they form what Shawna thinks is a friendship. Sharing her meagre sleeping arrangements, they plan their activities for the following day. But when she wakes up all that’s next to her is a pile of food!

Twisted fairytale’s seem to be the newest genre to hit the market (I’ve read some a few years ago, but they seem to be more popular at the moment) And although a slow burn, it’s a really good story.

Shawna hears that her old family home is going on the market! She can’t believe her father never made provisions for her in his will! But getting to see justice isn’t going to be easy! She needs an audience with the king!

I have to admit, I’m use to my fairytales a lot darker at the moment, and way steamier 😉 it did feel more like a YA (young adult) read rather than an adult.

So does she get the audience with the king? Does her evil stepmother take the house and Shawna has nothing? Or will she use her magic for revenge? (If that happens then she will turn from Seelie to Unseelie and they aren’t a nice bunch of fae!)

And who was the mysterious Hanzel?


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