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The Lost Barinov Dragon (Brothers of Ash and Fire Book 4)


Tasha Bellamy never expected to get lost in a snowstorm in the Swiss Alps, nor did she expect to fall into a cave and find a sleeping dragon…literally.

One touch awakens the black dragon and he transforms into a gorgeous, ancient, Russian warrior named Vasili.

She soon learns that Vasili has been missing from the world for more than seven hundred years after going on a quest for a dragon stone. But the quest cost Vasili his mate, and driven mad with grief, he sealed himself inside the cave to die.

Tasha can’t help but be drawn to the stormy-eyed dragon shifter and soon learns that her future and Vasili’s are entwined with his far more than she ever could have imagined when he tells her they are possible true mates.

Unable to resist falling for the noble-hearted dragon who’s touch sets her body aflame with desire, she yearns to heal his broken heart, but a revelation of her past might tear them apart.

Publication date 27/9/2021

The Lost Barinov Dragon (Brothers of Ash and Fire Book 4)

My Review

This is the fourth book in the brothers of Ash and Fire series.

I’ve not read the previous ones, and after this one I’m off to find me some dragons 😉 I have read some of the authors contemporary and historical romances, so when I got the chance to read one of her paranormal romances, I grabbed my kindle and said yes please…..

There are different dragons that have sole purposes in life, guardians, questing, hoarding and what I’d deem the leader (patriarch/matriarch).

Vasili was known as a questing dragon, he had to locate and retrieve heart stones (they were used to keep human mates alive longer for their dragon mates). Upon locating one, he’s about to return home….. When both he and his mate (a female dragon) are attacked! Needless to say, he loses both his mate and his will to live 😞 Burying himself in a mountain he ends his life……

Or so he assumes…..The touch of a human female brings him back to life!

Tasha knows about dragons, she’s aware of their existence. But she never thought she’d come face to face with one, or find out she’s a potential mate!

But trying to get Vasili to agree to becoming her mate is proving hard! As far as he is concerned he’s not good mate material! He let down one mate, there is no way he’d survive losing another! But slowly and with patience, Tasha wins him over. But there are things going on in the background that could break this couple before they even have a chance!

I loved it. I love a good dragon /shifter romance, and this one ticked all my boxes. Plenty of action, magic, secrets and a couple of twists.

Tasha is just a wonderful character, strong and determined. Knowing about the dragon world definitely gives her an edge (we don’t get the hysterical female running from her mate!) And Vasili is just great, a mixture of alpha and protector (Questing dragons are more adventurous than aggressive) and it shows when he loses his first mate (dragons usually die when their mate dies) he doesn’t want to go on….

But watching as they grow as a couple in the book was very rewarding. A few steamy scenes to catch my kindle alight 😉 and I couldn’t put the book down till the end. We get to meet previous couples, potential couples and some really great characters. It’s just great writing. I’m adding her paranormal writings to my TBR list.

Highly recommended this book. And I can’t wait to read more.


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