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Awakened by her Bear (Black Ridge Bears Shifter Romance Series Book 5) by Felicity Heaton


Decades in captivity and hundreds of fights in the arena have moulded Maverick into a bear with a bad attitude and a dark hunger for violence. Twenty years later and heโ€™s still trying to let go of his past and move on, but a phone call sets him on a collision course with a female from his time at the compoundโ€”the one female he always wanted but could never have, and thought he would never see againโ€”a beautiful bear who stirs desires best denied and wrecks his rigid control.

When Bronwyn receives a video call from an Archangel huntress who has captured her brother, sheโ€™ll do anything to save him, even condemn another to suffer in the cages in his place. But when a familiar voice answers the number of the shifter sheโ€™s meant to bring in, hurling her back in time and rousing a fierce need that has only been growing in their years apart, can she lie to the only man sheโ€™s ever loved and lure him back into hell?

If you love bear shifter romances featuring hot alpha heroes and strong heroines in an immersive paranormal romance world, the Black Ridge Bears series is for you!

Discover five growly bear shifters guaranteed to become your next book boyfriends in this hot new shapeshifter romance series from New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author Felicity Heaton, set in the same rich and addictive world as her Eternal Mates and Cougar Creek Mates paranormal romance series.
Book 1: Stolen by her Bear
Book 2: Rescued by her Bear
Book 3: Saved by her Bear
Book 4: Unleashed by her Bear
Book 5: Awakened by her Bear

No cliffhangers. No cheating. Just passionate paranormal romance books with a guaranteed happily forever after!


Awakened by her Bear (Black Ridge Bears Shifter Romance Series Book 5) by Felicity Heaton

Maverick is the last of the clan to get his book, and I have to say i throughly enjoyed that one. He doesnโ€™t stay with the clan very often, to him his to wild, too feral! Living in a cage and fighting in them caused this wildness in him! He still lives with his guilt and anger even though the cage fighting happened over take the years ago! 

Can he save himself and the woman he now knows is his mate? 

Bronwyn needs to rescue her brother! Receiving a video of him locked up had her panicking! But the male she had to find and deceive into returning to the cages us none other than her friend from the past! 

If your a follower of the authors books then youโ€™ll know who Archangel is, if your not, then they are an organisation that use to capture and kill shifters, but now they try to study and help the. But not all of archangel are that way! 

You have to feel sorry for both Maverick and Bronwyn. 

They both had feelings for one another in the cages, but as Bronwyn was too young, Maverick saw her as a friend. And when they parted ways, she was devastated! 

But can she really get him to return to the cages? I suppose she could have told him the truth, but then the story might not have been as exciting. 

We have betrayal, we have the guilt and anger, but we also have two lost souls that need each other. 

So, can Bronwyn choose between her brother and the only man she has ever loved? And can Maverick put his past behind him? But what happens when he finds out the truth? Will he help his mate, or will he return to being the feral bear thatโ€™s hiding under his skin?


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