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Defiant Dodge (Knight’s Legion MC Book 5) by Naomi Porter


Emilee. My perfect, Em.
Forced to stay away from her and my son, I’m a shell of a man.

I won’t apologize for loving Emilee. Or for betraying her father.
Love makes a man do some crazy shit.

The Knight’s Legion MC is supposed to be my family. For nearly a year, they’ve done everything to keep me away from my woman. They tell me to be patient, eventually Justin will come around. But when my son was born, and nothing changed…

I’m all out of patience. Done following orders and having the backs of the men who don’t have mine.

When Justin’s mistakes put my son’s life in danger, I pull out all the stops. Nothing will deter me. Not prison. Not even death. I don’t care who has to die to bring him home safely.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s mine.

Defiant Dodge is the fifth novel in the Knight’s Legion MC, the gritty and suspenseful romance series of a rural Minnesota motorcycle club. Take a ride today! Missing out on the first four? Start with Savage Storm and get ready for one wild ride!

WARNING: This book contains dark elements that may be triggering to some readers. Discretion advised.

Defiant Dodge (Knight’s Legion MC Book 5) by Naomi Porter Publication date 26/10/2021

My Review

We finally get to read Danny’s (Dodge to everyone else) book. And what a book. It’s not as angst filled as some of the authors previous books in this series (which I strongly recommend you read in order) but it will still have you reaching for tissues along the way.

Dodge has had enough! He’s done waiting for Emilee’s father to come round and let them be together! Hearing that his son (again the agony he has to go through not being there is so sad) is in danger and his biker family won’t help, Dodge is going to reunite with his family, and nothing will ever break them up again!!

Emilee and Dodge were spilt up in book three! And book four we get glimpses, so when i read the blurb and found out book five was their story I did do a little cheer.
Not as dark as some of the other MC series I’ve read, but still an emotional ride on the back of Dodge’s bike.

Emilee is a great character, a wonderful mother and will be a great old lady (if Dodge can save the day?!) Justin (Emilee’s father) takes away Emilee from Dodge after a “code” is broke! I just think he wanted a better life for his daughter. But he went about it the wrong way! Trying to spilt the family up only causes more heartache and friction between Dodge and Justin. In fact it causes Danny to question the club’s loyalty to him! They kept telling him to wait, if he’d waited much long then he would have lost his chance at happiness!

To find out ALL the story, your going to have to go and start at the beginning “Savage Storm”Beautifully written, thought out really well, and executed with the precision I’ve come to expect from Naomi.


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