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Call of the Ride (The Yaga’s Riders Book 3) by C. Rochelle

Call of the Ride (The Yaga’s Riders Book 3) by C. Rochelle publication date 27/10/2021


A legacy like mine was never meant to be easy.

Shaky alliances, deals with the deathless, and an enemy far more powerful than previously believed all weigh heavily on my shoulders.

I’d hidden behind the mask of the Yaga for so long, I’d forgotten what it meant to be human. By claiming the fated mate bond with my Riders, I’ve rediscovered parts of myself I’d buried centuries ago, but I wonder if digging up the dead has its own consequences.

Our mission to unearth the key needed to stop The Devouring leads us deep into the decaying heart of humanity, but our greatest threat may come from within.

As my men and I struggle to overcome the ghosts of our pasts, I pray we can learn to master our collective power—before it consumes us entirely.

I am Vasilisa, and I refuse to accept my fate.–

The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken.

Call of the Ride is the third book and final book in a steamy, paranormal romance saga featuring mysterious forces in magical woods, a legendary witch, and the three men destined to find her.

Multiple POV

This series is meant for readers 18 and over.

Possible triggers:
Sweary dialogue
Naughty humor
Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay
Gore and violence
Reference to past sexual assault and pregnancy loss
General weirdness and medium-dark elements

My Review

The last book in this brilliant trilogy has me little sad.

Yes I’ll be able to visit the hut on legs whenever I want, but I won’t have that trepidation as I open the book for the first time. I won’t be able to hold my breath and peek between my fingers as Vasili and her three guardians battle the forces of evil. I won’t wonder if they will ever succeed again!

The plot was brilliant, it tied up loose ends without become too predictable. It also gave us a glimpse and small hope that we could see our witchy witch and her riders again in another adventure (might not be them, but someone associated with them)

Midnight Sun, Brightest Dawn and Darkest Night were just brilliant hero’s, (Asa/Nix/Tanner) still giving us moments of hilarity and sadness. And our heroine Vasilia was just such a great character, strong and grumpy. And by the end of the book, totally a bada$$ and worthy of the title “BabaYaga”

I’d recommend this book all day long, but you definitely need to read books one and two, otherwise you won’t know what is going on. And you’ll probably wonder at all the weird vernacular the group uses.

Be prepared for a few surprises, be prepared for lots of smexy times. And be prepared to fall in love with these amazing characters and story.



Stay connected, stalk, and get your claws on exclusives & free goodies: C. Rochelle here! I’m a naughty but sweet, introverted, Aquarius weirdo who believes a sharp sense of humor is the sexiest trait, loves shaking my booty to Prince, and have never met a cheese I didn’t like. Oh, and I write dark and dirty books, usually in the paranormal, reverse harem romance genre.

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