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Halloween Themed Review…. Hearts Reclaimed (Ardor Creek Series) Book 1 by Ayla Asher. Narrated by Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross ….an audio review 🎧

Hearts Reclaimed (Ardor Creek Series) Book 1 by Ayla Asher. Narrated by Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross ….an audio review


Two weary souls find each other against all odds…

Ashlyn Rivers left her cheating fiancé behind and moved to Ardor Creek to revamp her life. Done with men in general, she has plenty to focus on, like building her new business and renovating her house for the local haunted homes tour. Falling in love is definitely not on the agenda.

Scott Grillo lost his family in a tragic accident several years ago. Still processing the loss, he throws himself into his contracting business, pushing away the loneliness and heartache.

When Ashlyn blazes into Scott’s life, he turns down her request to renovate her house, vowing to squelch the desire she stirs deep inside. But Ashlyn is a force to be reckoned with and Scott finds himself longing for her embrace each day she remains in Ardor Creek.

Can these two disillusioned souls reclaim their hearts and choose to love again?

Welcome to Ardor Creek, the small Pennsylvania town where love is in the air! If you like a grumpy hero and feisty heroine, this book is your jam. As with all of Ayla’s books, there’s a slight holiday theme, and Halloween ghosts play a part! The main character is a widower who discusses the loss of his family so please take note of this before reading. Settle in and fall in love with Ardor Creek today!

Publication date 29/9/2020

Reading Order:                                                Ardor Creek Series:                                   Book 1 Hearts Reclaimed                           Book 2 illusions Unveiled                                   Book 3 Desires Uncovered 

My Review…… 

Another awesome book by Ayla Asher, and brilliantly narrated by Wen Ross and Kai Kennicott. 
Ashlyn wants a new start, and Arbor Creel is just the place. After being burned by an ex, Ashlyn wants nothing to do with love. She’s going to throw herself into renovating her grandmothers home with the intentions of adding it to the Halloween spooky tours. This house holds lots of fond memories, so she‘s hoping in time to forget her heartache and be happy once more. She just has to convince the hardheaded contractor to do business with her first….. 
Scott wants nothing to do with anyone, just work until he drops! Holidays hold nothing but heartache for him. Losing his wife and daughter crushed him, he knows his wife wouldn’t want him to live this way, but he had nothing to give. And dealing with a pushy woman who wants to work with him directly has him feeling things he’s not felt in a while, but nothing is going to happen, he’s dead inside…..
So how can these two broken people get through past hurts and find love again? I have to admit I did cry when Scott was talking about his family. I also cheered and laughed at the rest of the book, and when your listening to this book, you soon forget about the world around you. 
These three together making a winning combination. 
The narrators bring to life what the author puts on the page. 
I loved the story, I loved the characters, and I can’t wait to return to Ardor Creek. 
Ayla Asher is fast becoming an author on my to listen/read list. 


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