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HIS ETERNITY: The Wounded Souls, Queenscliff Chapter. Book Two By LEAH SHARELLE

HIS ETERNITY: The Wounded Souls, Queenscliff Chapter. Book Two By LEAH SHARELLE Publication date 30/10/2021


Genre: MC Romance






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My life took an unexpected turn after an accident that left my hands damaged. Too damaged to continue my firefighting career. Lucky for me, a lifeline came in the form of a year prospecting for the Wounded Souls. My family was friends with the MC, so it took no time to say yes. Becoming a patch gave me more purpose. My injuries didn’t matter anymore because I was useful again. Fast forward five years and I was one of five members of a new Souls chapter. Now the enforcer at a new compound, I was far enough away from the malicious gossip that stained my family and, Willow and I were free to be together. Away from the watchful eye of her biker dad, and far enough away that I could get away with living the best of both worlds. Willow was mine during the week, her arms around me at night and I still managed a safe distance between her and my family. Keeping everyone separated was the best option.

How wrong I was. 


Growing up a MC princess wasn’t as good as it sounded. Not if you called being wrapped in cotton wool and having a plethora of leather clad alpha’s watching every move you made. So, when the opportunity to go help set up the new Souls chapter came my way, I jumped on it. I went to war with my dad and with some help from my mum, I found myself the new assistant to the Queenscliff chapter president. Life was finally mine to explore. River was finally mine to love. One problem though, River was hiding his true feelings from me. And, so much more. Why was he hiding me from his family? Why claim me and continue to find reasons to keep me away from the people most important to him? Add a disgruntled prospect to the mix and my life was suddenly a lot more complicated than cotton wool. 

If River couldn’t see how much I loved him, what the fudge was I fighting for?

About Leah Sharelle:

Leah Sharelle loves the idea of being in love. Since her early teens when she first

discovered Silhouette Desire novels, her life has been all about reading. She would find

herself rewriting scenes if she wasn’t happy with them and then would hide them under her

bed. That led her to writing love stories of her own. They all ended up under her bed and are

still there – where she says they will stay.

Living in Victoria, Australia, Leah is a mum of three beautiful girls, Gigi to her adorable

grandchildren, and she has what some say is a weird sense of humour. She spends her free

time watching movies, having Sons of Anarchy and Friends marathons, and or course

reading. She doesn’t do angst. In fact, it drives her crazy. She loves Pina Coladas and

getting caught in the rain. There’s that weird humour.

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My Review

Book two in this Wounded Souls Series was an absolute joy to read.

River had been injured in the line of duty (he was a firefighter until an accident took away his dream). Living with the wounded souls MC is now his life, being part of the gang gives him purpose and the sense of belonging that he had with his unit of firefighters.

Willow has always lived the biker life, growing up with a bunch of over protective uncles and father has made Willow feel stifled! So when the opportunity to move to Queenscliff and join the new chapter there, Willow eagerly jumps at the chance.

I loved how Willow and River were together, what I wasn’t keen on, was River’s indecisiveness on how far he wanted to take his relationship with Willow! He’s worried that if she finds out the full extent of his injuries, then she won’t be able to handle it! Alone, he’s sweet and caring, but when they are around others, then he’s very distant, but still giving off a possessive vibe! And Willow doesn’t really know where she stands with him! She’s so patient with his mood swings and how he blows hot and cold with her all the time! Maybe it’s time to move on? She’s loved him from the first day they met, but he can’t expect her to wait forever…..

But someone else is waiting in the wings to snatch her away from River. He obsessively watches her, just waiting for the moment to strike and whisk her away!

So besides the angst and drama that Willow has with River, she’s also got a stalker to contend with!

The drama was good, a little quick in places, and the way the author dealt with the stalker ever a little too quick for me! (I did want him to suffer a little more)🤔

But another really good story in this spin off from the original series (which I haven’t read yet, but Is firmly on my TBR pile)


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