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Title: Brutal Defender
The O’Malley Family
Series: Mafia Wars #8
Author: Maggie Cole
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 1, 2021

Brutal Defender… I choose Killian O’Malley out of desperation.

My papà gives me an ultimatum with one other option. I’ll do anything not to marry the Italian mafia boss who lives in Italy and is twice my age.
So I become Killian’s debt repayment. When I’m forced to pick, I don’t know he’s a boxer, a decade older than me, or has a body better than Zeus.
He’s bossy.
He calls me a mafia brat and creates rules like I’m his child, saying he’ll tame me.
Our angsty relationship is so hot between the sheets my head is constantly spinning.
At times, he becomes a raging psychopath destroying anyone who even looks at me, including my ex who won’t move on.
I thought Killian would be a playboy, but he takes our vows to the extreme.
Everything about him makes him my brutal defender.

”Brutal Defender” is the eighth jaw-dropping installment of the “Mafia Wars” series. It’s an arranged marriage, age gap, Dark Mafia romance, interconnecting stand-alone, and guaranteed to have an HEA.




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Everything becomes clear. All I’m doing is moving from one person who won’t tell me anything to another. And I might as well be a check he’s handing over to Tully. My voice shakes. “I’m so sick of this.”

“Sick of what?” he asks, genuinely looking confused.

I only give him half the truth. “Of being the person who gets left in the dark.”

“Don’t push your daddy issues on me. Whatever is between you two is exactly that—between you two, not me. And you can’t expect me to tell you O’Malley business,” he claims.

Anger fills me. “Okay, so you owed Tully. My papà gave you an out today.Why didn’t you take it?”

“I already told you. And I seem to remember you choosing me over that fat prick,” he declares.

I shake my head and grab my evening purse. I stick my phone and slim wallet in it. I head for the door.

He puts his hand on it so I can’t open it.

I roar, “What are you doing?”

“Arianna, why are you pissed off at me right now?”

My insides shake. “You’re just like my papà and brothers. That’s why.”

He snorts. “I’m nothing of the sort.”

“Yes, you are.”

He runs his hand through his hair. “Can we go back to where we were before you started prying into my business?”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever. Now move,” I command.

“Way to be mature,” he comments.

“Seriously? You let me think you screwed your sister, and you want to lecture me on maturity?” I seethe.

He clenches his jaw then opens the door. “Glad to see you can only stay in the nice zone for a few hours before returning to your normal self.”

I brush past him. “Have fun tonight. I’ll be with my brothers. Just stay away from me and give me my final night of freedom without you breathing down my neck.”

He grabs my arm, yanks me back into the room, and pushes me up against the door.

Brutal Defender
The O’Malley Family
Mafia Wars #8
Maggie Cole Publication Date 1/11/2021


The server comes over and fills my glass with Barolo. She tries to fill Killian’s glass, and he puts his hand over it. “I’m good, thank you.”

I question, “You don’t drink wine?”

He chuckles. “You make that sound like a sin.”

“It is,” I insist.

“I stick with whiskey and Guinness.” I raise my eyebrows. I’ve never met a man before who doesn’t drink wine. In my house, it’s at every dinner.

Selena laughs, and I tear my eyes away from Killian. She has a beautiful Greek accent. “You can’t get any more Irish than the O’Malleys.”

“Are you from Greece?” I ask.

She nods. Her eyes light up. “Yes. I moved to Chicago when I was barely in my twenties. If you want, I’ll take you around and show you the city when you have a chance?”

“Sure. That would be really nice.”

“Have you been there before?” she asks.


Killian dramatically gasps. “You’ve never been to Chicago?”

“Now you’re acting like that’s a sin,” I tease.

“Anna moved from New York, too,” another Russian man across the table states.

The woman next to him smiles. She says, “It’s like a smaller New York but with its own charm. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Her husband beams and says, “Since you’re all here, we should tell you. Anna’s pregnant, too, so we’ll be staying in tonight.”

The room erupts in congratulations.

“Do you like yoga?” Selena asks.


“Great. Us girls meet up for yoga and do brunch afterward on Saturdays. You should come.”

“I’d love to,” I reply, grateful I’ll have something to look forward to with some other women. I’ve never really had girlfriends. The private school Papà sent me to was full of backstabbing snobs. When I got older, several I was close to got mad at me for their boyfriends hitting on me. I didn’t even like their scumbag beaus. My best friend wanted Massimo. When he turned her down, she stopped calling me. One by one, all my friendships disintegrated. I decided it was too hard to meet genuine women and stopped trying. My wedding party consists of my cousins who are younger than me and I’m not even close to. I opted to meet them at the church and not even let them help me get ready.

Will things be different in Chicago? Is it possible to have a group of girlfriends?

My Review

We are still in the Mafia world, and we are still aware of the Russian’s, but it’s definitely the Irish and their world we live in now!

We left Killian O’Malley reeling from a marriage proposal! It’s a marriage to form an alliance between two families, but not a good Irish family, Arianna is an Italian brat! And one that Killian will soon bring to heel!

Arianna is faced with a dilemma! Either marry a man old enough to be her father or an arrogant Irishman who has a penchant for fiery outbursts and using his fists!

This book is so full of brattish behaviour that i wanted to to send both of them to their rooms! Seriously! They behaved worse than kids, it was tit for tat, they constantly fought and tried to get one up on one another, it got tiresome in parts! But when they weren’t fighting, it made for a great read. A few twists in the book has me rapidly turning the pages to find out what went on next.

So can Killian and Arianna actually make this marriage work? Or will he go back to his one nightstands? And will Arianna want to be a good Irish wife? Or will be bad boy ex convince her to dump the thug and run off and be with him?

We still catch up with previous couples and have a story that’s running in the background (although it wasn’t mentioned as much in this book!)




All free in Kindle Unlimited

Also available in audio:


#9 Deviant Hacker – Releasing December 1


#10 Relentless Hunter – Releasing January 1



Maggie Cole is committed to bringing her readers alphalicious book boyfriends. She’s been called the “literary master of steamy romance.” Her books are full of raw emotion, suspense, and will always keep you wanting more. She is a masterful storyteller of contemporary romance and loves writing about broken people who rise above the ashes.

Maggie lives in Florida with her son. She loves sunshine, anything to do with water, and everything naughty.

Her current series were written in the order below:
All In (Stand alones with entwined characters)
It’s Complicated (Stand alones with entwined characters)
Together We Stand (Brooks Family Saga – read in order)
Behind Closed Doors (Read in order)
Releasing now: Mafia Wars


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