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Pawn (A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 2) by L.R. STARR 

Pawn (A Sara Clemens Mystery Book 2) by L.R. STARR 


Portugal, a nice European getaway. Escapism from a torrid case and a chance for private investigator Sara Clemens to lick her wounds. 

But it’s not over… because when she touches down on European soil, she steps right into the middle of the chessboard. Two men are chasing her, one of them is sexy and dangerous, vying for her heart. The other wants the thrill of taking her life with his bare hands. 

Elliot is a skilled player who calls himself the King. He’s out to expand his empire, and it includes Ms. Clemens. On this rollercoaster ride, the lines of justice get blurry. 

Pawn; the weakest piece in the game of chess, who will fold?

Get prepared for the stakes to be raised a little higher with international kingpins, a new setting, taboo encounters, heartache and secrets that need to be taken to the grave.    

Publication date 17/7/2020

Reading Order: 
A Hawk and Sara Clemens Mystery:
Book .5 Firebomb
Book 1 Checkmate
Book 2 Pawn 
Book 3 Knight Time 
My Review….. 
Nice try, Sara. You thought it was going to be that easy? Think again. We have unfinished business. I’ll be in touch soon. Your move next. Check Mate. *
With the way book 1 ended, I hoped the pace  and suspense would continue….. 
And it did!! 
Sara is scared she’s having reoccurring nightmares about Viper!! She’s also worried about her connection with Robert Elliot (mafia guy and all round bada$$!) but the game hasn’t ended and Sara is still in the middle of this deadly game….
Robert is not out of this game yet! He still intends to expand his crime empire, and he’s had to hideout in Portugal until its safe, but while he’s here he’s going to enjoy EVERY single minute. 
I did have to chuckle when he tried to sleep with someone and Sara’s face kept popping up! He’s got it bad for that P.I. 
But he’s not a reformed mafia boss, oh no, he’s still happy to shoot you! And he still needs his wife dead!  
Hawk is now back with an old love, he’s happy at long last, but he’s worried about Sara. If it wasn’t for her he probably wouldn’t be with Evana. 
He’s still a good guy, and I loved Hawk, his skills are sharp and on point, loved the fact Hawk relies on his Indian heritage and his spirit guide has never let him down and it’s the only thing that keeps him from going to help Sara. 
With a second book you have to worry that it won’t be as good as the first, you don’t need to have any worries, the pace from the first is still in evidence. 
We get inside of everyone’s head, we get to witness Sara’s fear of being caught by the Viper! We see the emotion Robert has for Sara (which is so sweet) and yes he’s a bad guy, but if he can redeem himself then maybe they can have a future, but I get the feeling although he really likes Sara, he’s not going to give up the money and power he’s accrued…..
I have to admit although I loved the idea of Sara and Robert, I did harbour a hope they might not have gotten a happy ending, (cruel I know) and I haven’t given the plot away either, because this book ends with a cliffhanger 😛
I liked that Hawk gets a happy ending, the love of his life is back in his life and it’s going great, the only concern he has is Sara, he’s worried that this last case will be the death of his friend! 
But once they get their heads together, they come up with a game plan. To keep Sara safe and to keep an eye on Robert. Oh and to help Hawk nail his target (which coincidently happens to be part of Robert’s new empire plan (see I told you it would all come together) 
But when Robert and Sara meet again, it’s not harsh words and fists that are thrown….. 
Lets just say it gets hot and steamy, really steamy!! 
And when Sara almost gets kidnapped, Robert has to choose, leave Sara to her fate, or go rescue the fair maiden and profess undying love? 
And what will Hawk do when he finds out? 
If you like your romance with lots of action/murder/suspense/murder/sex, then pick up this book and be prepared to lose a little sleep. 
So do you want to know what happens next? Well buy the book and find out, you really won’t be sorry. 

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