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Lawless Lynx (Knight’s Legion MC Book 6) by Naomi Porter

Lawless Lynx (Knight’s Legion MC Book 6) by Naomi Porter Publication Date 16/11/2021


Jaynee. My Lovely.
For the first time, I dare to dream of the future.

The Knight’s Legion MC is all the family I need. I pretend to be happy, distracting myself with women, being the dirty-talking jokester everyone loves, all to hide my misery.

Then a text meant for someone else hits my phone. A curvy single mom with the cutest little girl needs my help and protection.

Sometimes all it takes is a determined woman and a spunky preschooler to show a man what he’s truly missing. They become my universe, even though I don’t deserve them.

I claim them, they’re mine forever.

My future with them is derailed when I’m arrested for murder and Jaynee’s past calls her back, taking my girls away from me. But nobody takes what’s mine and lives to tell the story.

Lawless Lynx is the sixth novel in the Knight’s Legion MC, the gritty and suspenseful romance series of a rural Minnesota motorcycle club. Take a ride today! Missing out on this incredible series? Start with Savage Storm and get hooked!

WARNING: Enter at your own risk. Possible triggers and club girl drama. This book contains dark elements that may be triggering to some readers. Discretion advised.

My Review

I have to admit, each character I say is my favourite, well move over Dodge, Lynx is top dog (for the moment wink)

This series keeps getting better with every book written.

Lynx is our fun loving biker in this book, he’s missing the wild parties that the Knights Legion use to have! He doesn’t begrudge his brothers their happiness, he just misses the “good old days”Whilst running errands and being a taxi, Lynx receives a random text! He’s not overly worried as he’s had them before. Responding, he doesn’t realise how his life is going to change…..

Jaynee has had enough of being a stripper! Yes it pays good money, and yes she’s extremely popular at the club she works at. But when her daughter wants to become a stripper when she grows up, Jaynee realises it’s time to quit. But leaving the job is going to prove difficult! Her boss/baby daddy, knows a lucrative commodity when he sees one, and he’s not going to let her work anywhere else! Having no option, she leaves town taking her daughter with her.

When these two first meet it’s not exactly love at first sight. It’s exasperation for Jaynee but lust at first sight for Lynx. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with this cute twosome, he can offer friendship though, right?

It’s another great story, filled with humour, laughs and a little sadness. Angst is there, but not much. And it’s great to catch up with previous couples. So diving into this book won’t cause too much confusion (and after reading this one you’ll be heading back for more 😉)

So will it be just friends for these main characters? Or will the alpha that we know and love come out to play when Jaynee’s past won’t leave her alone?


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