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Wrecking Ball by Lindsey Powell

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ NEW RELEASE!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Wrecking Ball by Lindsey Powell. Publication Date 23/11/2021


He’s a Crime Lord.
I’m just a small business owner.
I shouldn’t even be on his radar… But I am.
And now I’m being forced to make the biggest decision of my life. Marry him or die. Quite a choice, huh?
Clearly, there isn’t one, and as I become the wife of the notorious and ruthless leader, Nate Knowles, I have to prepare myself for what is to come.
He says he wants to break me.
He says he wants to own me.
And I have to be smart if I’m ever going to get out alive…

Wrecking Ball is a stand-alone romance with darker elements.

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My Review

This author is fast becoming an automatic read for me. I’m loving her work. And this book has become my new favourite of hers.

This is an arranged marriage book at its finest. Told by both Nate and Kat, it gives us an insight as to how both feel and act with each other and everyone around them. Superbly written and clearly very well thought out.

We start at their wedding and find that it’s not going to be a happy marriage. (It’s arranged, so not really a match made in heaven!) The snippets/flashbacks of how these two came to meet for me was a nice touch. I like background work, I also like history to my stories.

It is a little slow at first, but once we get that ball rolling, you can be assured it’s going to roll over you again and again!

Nate is a crime Lord, cruel and utterly ruthless! Dangerous to his enemies and those who think to cross him. But meeting Kat changes something in Nate! He maybe a bast@rd around others, but to Kat he can anything he wants to be. But he has to break those walls down first!

Kat has made a deal with the devil, and now the devil has returned to collect! But she’s not going to go easily, and I loved that about her. She’s afraid but I think deep down she knew Nate works there really hurt her, so that gave her the balls to keep pushing/punishing him!

There are steamy scenes, there is also tender and touching moments in this book. And I absolutely loved the ending to this book. I could have read this book forever, and the jumping timeline did frustrate me in places, but i did understand that there was a lot to get into this book, so things had to move on!!

⚠️ There are triggers in this book, so please read the warning before grabbing this book.


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