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Highland Prodigy (Highland Talents Heritage Book 1) by Willa Blair


Jamie Lathan is a formidable warrior, yet his life depends not only on his legendary prowess with a sword, but on keeping a dangerous secret. Like his mother, Jamie wields the power of healing magic. From childhood, he knew that those skills, often feared in a woman, would be condemned outright in a man. Discovery could mean imprisonment or death, but Jamie soon learns that denying his compulsion to heal is to deny the very core of himself.

Aftyn Keith desperately tries to fill the role of Healer after her mother dies unexpectedly. Still an apprentice, ill-prepared and hampered by her illegitimate birth, Aftyn knows that her best may not be enough to keep her place as a useful member of the clan. When a handsome Lathan warrior with healing skills far beyond her ken arrives and succeeds in saving his gravely injured kinsman, she begs him to teach her.

Jamie risks everything in choosing to trust Aftyn. But when she unwittingly betrays him, Aftyn is faced with a decision that may gain Jamie’s freedom, but cost her the only home that she has ever known. In the face of her growing feelings for Jamie, she knows that either decision will leave her heart broken beyond any Healer’s mending.

Highland Prodigy (Highland Talents Heritage Book 1) by Willa Blair Publication date 16/11/2021

My Review

This made for such a refreshing read after reading so many historical romances that all do the same thing….

Jamie might be a great swordsman and warrior, but he has a secret that if found out about will certainly end his life! He can heal the sick and wounded, and in those days it really was a woman’s job. But that’s not the issue, the problem is that he heals them with his hands!

Aftyn is a healer, but not a great one, her mother was so much better at it. But sadly she died, and Aftyn is left to fill the role. She has her mother’s journal to read and follow, but most of it is written in a way that Aftyn doesn’t understand! She feels like she’s going to fail, and be a useless healer. That is until she meets a stranger that knows how to heal! She needs his help and she needs it fast!

Jamie and Aftyn soon become each other’s confidantes, but can Jamie really trust her with his secret? And when Jamie is betrayed by Aftyn (but it was an accident) can she regain his trust?

Apparently this is the next generation of healers (Highland Talents) and I have to admit I’ve not read any of the previous books. And I don’t think it matters really, although I’m now interested in reading how the other series fares against this one. It’s the start of a new series, and one I’m going to be keeping an eye out for.

The lives of the characters came alive within this book, you could easily imagine the rolling hills and the hard life in which they lived. The interaction between Jamie and Aftyn was good, and as an added bonus they’d met each other as children (and that i thought was a nice touch)

For anyone who likes a historical romance, I’d happily recommend this one.


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