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Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 3 (Bear Elite Shifters) by Sedona Venez

The episodes of Grumpy Special Ops Bear must be read in order:
Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 1
Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 2
Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 3

About Grumpy Special Ops Bear #3:
With his mission in jeopardy and his fated mate’s life in peril, can Fergus save them both?

True to his bear shifter nature, Fergus has an intense demeanor… and intense desires. With his mate, Trinity, he’s found the lasting pleasure that has been absent from his life. Bound by his love and passion for her, he will allow nothing to stand between them. 

But danger is prowling their way in the form of a renegade pack of wolf shifters eager to encroach upon Fergus’ territory. As their hungry jaws snap in for the kill, the alpha is faced with an impossible choice: protect his mate or fulfill his mission?

Torn between his head and his heart, can he defeat the wolf pack before it tears about all he holds dear? Find out in the startling conclusion to Grumpy Special Ops Bear.

A Continuing Story:
Grump Special Ops Bear is told in three installments, or episodes, like a TV show. Each episode, except for this finale, includes a cliffhanger!

Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 3 (Bear Elite Shifters) by Sedona Venez

My Review

The final instalment in this three book story.Trinity and Fergus are now finally together, it’s taken a while for then to finally connect, Trinity trying to evade the rogue wolf pack, and Fergus to aid her escape.
Trinity finds out some things that alter her perspective on her life in general. She’s also still coming to terms with the supernatural beings and the fact that some of them want to kill her!

Trinity is just great, although she’s had so much thrown at her, she’s trying to remain positive. She’s also been instrumental in getting herself out of tricky situations. With a sharp mind and sometimes a caustic wit, it’s kept her sane. Fergus is still doing my head in! He knows Trinity is his mate, he won’t claim her, he won’t even acknowledge the fact she’s his! And that frustrated me at times, but it also kept it fresh, too many PNR (Paranormal Romances) just have the couple falling madly in love end of story!

So….. Trinity is still being chased by the wolf pack, Fergus and his team are trying to figure out why and how to eradicate the threat to her. It’s still a fast paced read, it’s still filled full of twists and turns. But it all become clear in this book too. Threads are tied up, explanations are given.

But will Fergus ever claim his mate? And will Trinity want to live in this violent world?

You definitely need to read in order, as it’s the same characters that are in the same books.

I have to admit, I loved the premise of the book. I really liked all the characters, I just wasn’t sure about the delivery (three books) it did keep up the suspense, but I felt it could have been done in one book (just my opinion)

I’m hoping the books will come out as a Boxset, because I’m definitely interested in reading them all together.


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