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ARC Review

The last families by Carla Doria


Escaping their land’s destruction, the Kaptarish, Drontas, Verbaren, and Ninfires have reached the island of Gambir. The last families with talents like mind-reading, extraordinary force, burning with their hands, and flying, hope to find refuge in this place.

Yarisha, the only mind-reader in the Verbaren family, will fall in love with Malakay, the most arrogant sibling in the Ninfire family. She knows the young man’s mother and the matriarch of the Ninfires, Mandely, will never consent to this relationship since she considers the Verbaren family inferior to them.

None of the members in the families expect to find a land full of secrets where those with the darkest looking-skin have better chances to survive and where the leader, Ian, is planning to take wives by force.

Publication Date 8/11/2021

My Review

A Fantasy/Dystopian style of book which was really good. A new author for me, and one Iโ€™ll be keeping an eye on. A fast paced book in which supernatural families fight to survive.

These families all have different abilities, and all think they are superior to one another.

We start with families fleeing their homes to a new island. Itโ€™s a scary time for everyone, characters are vying for leadership, some embrace it, whilst others donโ€™t really want it.
It did remind me a little of swallows and Amazons, but with the characters being a little older itโ€™s also a little like Robinson Crusoe. The squabbling within the families as they set up hierarchy was interesting. Each family is different and that was handy as you donโ€™t want to get them mixed up.

Yarisha and Malakay are the main characters that are in this book. Both from opposing families, both arenโ€™t really suppose to be together, Yarisha is a strong personality and a girl that knows her mind, a leader in her family (but sheโ€™s unsure of her role) she knows that she has to get the approval of Malakayโ€™s mother (which is going to be near impossible) Malakay is a complex character who grows within this book.

Uniting families seem like the best plan, the more there are of you, the better your chances of survival. But if you despise everyone around you, how will that be possible?

Multiple points of view can sometimes confuse the reader (I know it does me๐Ÿ˜œ) but I never got that with this book, you know who is who with every word written. A complex world and itโ€™s cast soon emerges, and your quickly drawn in.

We then also have the faction that wants to lead EVERYONE. Heโ€™s not a nice guy a d it soon emerges that he wants a harem to rebuild his family, but heโ€™s looking at the other families to complete his harem! So that means there will be fighting as the families donโ€™t really wave to give up women to his group!

We also have eyes that are watching the proceedings! Are these friends or foes?
I loved reading this book and hope there will be another as there are so many other characters and stories that could be told.


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