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The Perfect Gift: A Fake Fiancé Christmas Romance by Hunter Rose. 

The Perfect Gift: A Fake Fiancé Christmas Romance by Hunter Rose. 


I may be his fake fiancée… but this gift is real. 

This was supposed to be a new beginning.
A small town, away from my broken past.
I was feeling optimistic,
I even ran smack into the hottest a**hole I’ve ever met.
That night he stole a kiss and reignited my passion.
It was only supposed to be a one-night stand, no strings attached.
But the next time I see him
is on my first day at work.
And he’s my freaking boss.
So much for a new start.

I need a fake fiancée for Christmas and 
Amelia runs into me, literally.
She hates me and I hate her – we’re polar opposites.
It’s perfect, there’s nobody better.
No emotions. No attachments.
Just for the holidays to get my stepmother and
the women who only want my billions to f*k off.
This was supposed to be easy,
but someone wants to tear us apart.

Now Amelia’s carrying a secret…
And I will do anything to protect her
…and our perfect gift.

This is a full-length steamy stand-alone contemporary romance with a happily ever after!

Publication date 27/11/2020

My Review…..

Amelia is escaping her old life, and embracing a new one. 
Her boyfriend cheated on her, so she left her old life to find a new one. She found a new job as a doctors office manager in a small town where no one knows her or her situation. She’s pretty pleased with herself, but she’s the only one! I get the distinct impression she’s had an uphill battle from an early age. Her mother has been ill for most of Amelia’s life!
Get the feeling she’s really bitter. But what can she do about it, she’s not prepared to blow her mum off, she’s never gotten any recognition or praise (her father left her mum when she got pregnant, and then a concession of stepfathers!) Her mother looks at her as a means of income! 

Drew is a doctor, lived his whole life in Watson. The town is named after his family, and they are treated a little like royalty, but not for Drew, he wants to help people and avoid his stepmother! Taking on his fathers practise has been an ambition forever, and now it’s finally his, if only they were to be left in peace! 
They first meet under less than great circumstances! They bump into one another, but Drew is very abrupt and stomps off in a mood! Amelia thinks he’s hot, but really rude, neither realising they are going to be working together….. 
Their second meeting is also unusual, Drew rescues Amelia after she falls taking her dog for a walk, there is attraction between the pair, but both are wary….. 
But they arrange to go to dinner, and both are eager for a different kind of dessert!! 
Two weeks later she’s about to start her job, and who’s her new employer? Yup, you guessed it, her Savior and one night stand!! Talk about embarrassing…. 
But she takes the job and they settle in and start their new relationship as employer/employee…. 
But as Drew was upset bad annoyed with Amelia just leaving his bed without a word his very short with her! 
The job is going to be so hard working together, but they are professionals, they can be civil, can’t they? 
This is a sort of a one night stand story, that becomes an enemy to lovers kind of book. 
I did like the premise of this book, usually a one night stand turns into something else, but not this one. They keep each other at arms length after amazing sex.
But when his stepmother tries to set Drew up with a woman, he turns to Amelia and asks her to be his fake date!! 
I loved some of the other characters, Kate the nurse and Daniel (Drew’s hound dog of a brother) and her best friend Zach (he just made me chuckle) 
So can Drew and Amelia pretend to have feelings for one another? When it’s clear to see that they are perfect for each other…… 
And when things start to get a little real with the couple, someone tries to put a spoke in their relationship! Can they get past all the misunderstandings and backstabbing that are trying to keep them apart? 
Nicely written and well articulated. 
This might be the authors first book, but I look forward to reading more. 
And i hope we get to come back to the town of Watson. 


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