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THE DATING DILEMMA by Mariah Ankenmann


Lexi’s Reminders

* Work.

* Don’t think about your birthday tomorrow. Or debt, your crappy apartment, and nonexistent social life.

* Re-stock wine and ice cream because that’s coming.

* Die in a raging blaze of humiliation when the super-hot and very delicious fireman waiting in your office is not in fact the strip-o-gram birthday present you suspected.

* Reschedule the fire safety inspection you 100 percent failed because of said humiliation.

* Figure out how you, in fact, agreed to fake dating Mr. Not a Strip-O-Gram Fireman to help him with a bet.

* Oh yeah, and do not fall for this guy. Seriously, they call him One Night O’Neil. Red flags all over the place.

* Remember, this is fake dating, even though his very talented, very real lips are doing some sexy things you definitely like.

* Realize bending one tiny rule can’t be that bad, can it?

* Except bend too far, and something breaks. Something you can’t get back.

The Dating Dilemma (Mile High Firefighters Book 2) by Mariah Ankenman Publication Date 24/1/2022

I love these stories and the author that writes them. Her use of words bring the emotions and the characters to life. The second book in this new series by an author I’m automatically clicking on.

Lexi is just great, she says what she thinks, and sometimes that gets her into trouble. Her center for kids needs updating, and what better person to help her than a fireman! She just had to remember he isn’t to be taken seriously!
Dyson has a bit of a reputation as a one night stand, no one gets a second date. You can‘t help being that way after your fiancé was caught in bed with your best friend! He needs a “fake girlfriend” to take to his sisters minds off of trying to get him to date properly.

The sparks that fly off these two is just electric, both think that the other one isn’t really interested in getting serious. And Lexi has sworn off dating after the last relationship went nowhere but heartbreak!

Fake romance is what this author does best. Entertaining throughout the book. It’s really hard to put it down one you’ve open it up. The secondary characters were just as fun. The sisters needs stories (and the fire crew could be ideal 😉) and there are a couple of characters that Dyson knows who could do with a prod in the right direction.

So if you like a RomCom with a little angst, but plenty of laughter and embarrassing moments. I’d recommend this one. You don’t need to read the first book, but after reading this one I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t go back for seconds.


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