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Night of the Vampire (Deathless Night – Into the Dark Book 1) by L.E. Wilson


Killian walked into my new voodoo shop late one night with an urgent request – he needed me to heal his friend. Only I know absolutely nothing about voodoo, or healing. I’m just trying to start a new life with what little family I have left after my dream of becoming a star on Broadway went up in flames. 
At first glance, he was an average looking guy with a European flair. Nothing outside the ordinary in the city of New Orleans. But despite his nerdy-boy attire, Killian was most definitely all man. And as his black eyes made their way up my body to my face, the look reflected within them wasn’t the least bit tame.
More like predatory…

I expected her to cast me down the moment I walked through her door. But I had no choice. One of my own was dying from a witch’s curse, and only another witch could undo the spell. However, Lizzy was not what I’d expected to find. Stunned by her beauty and overwhelmed by her scent, I burned with thirst until the blood raced through my veins and my body tightened with need. 
But with one taste, she calmed the beast within me as the truth flooded my wicked soul. The witch is MINE. She is the pulse that feeds my immortal life and the bearer of my death. Taking Lizzy as my mate will bring about the end of my coven’s uneasy truce with the witches. 
Leaving her will mean my demise…

My name is Killian Rice, and I am a vampire. Come Into The Dark with this new series by L.E. Wilson, and enter her Deathless Night. A world of immortals with only one weakness: The witches who can destroy us…

Publication date 15/10/2020
My Review ….
This is a spin off from the deathless night series. 
That book had vampires that had been cursed by a witch and vengeful vampire, and with the help of their mates (witches) they broke the curse….. 
Killian’s coven has been cursed. And one of his coven is dying! He needs a witch, but as it was a witch that did this to Kenya, he needs either a new witch to the area, or he’s going to have to kidnap one (and if he does that, then it’s going to be hunting season on the vampires!) 
Killian is the coven leader, turning his “family” of vampires over the years, some have been grateful, some haven’t!! But he would do it all again!! 
The have a make strip club that they all work in, it earns them money and a way to get blood (plenty of willing hosts who want a private dance) no one dies, and everyone is happy, especially the witches!! 
Lizzy isn’t a witch or a priestess, she’s an unemployed actor who runs a voodoo shop! It’s turning out to be a lucrative venture, especially in New Orleans, it’s not her first love (that’s the stage) but it pays the food on the table, and a roof over her head. Running from New York after a series of unexplained fires, and the last one costing her the career she dreamed of and nearly her life!! 
I loved the previous books. And this proves that you can have a successful spin off series. (I’ve read a few series that have tried the spin off and route and failed!) 
Like many of the last series, most of the women were unaware that they were witches! And it looks like Lizzy is going to be one of those characters. Her aunt informs her of this fact, and Lizzy has a hard time believing it. 
And when her aunt reveals Linzy’s heritage to her, she’s sceptical at first, there is no way she’s a witch! Is there? And with Killian still asking for her help (which she’s been told not to give) Lizzy feels like she’s being pulled in two different directions! 
Characters Jamal and Kenya are great (hoping they both a story) both had sad tales to tell Lizzy. 
Jamal was a slave that was rescued and freed by Killian (but the turning of Jamal is causing friction between Killian and Jamal, even after all these years!
Dae, Elias, and Brogan are also in the coven, they work at the club (and I’m sure we will see plenty of these guys in the next books) aunt Judy (leader of the witches coven) Angel and Talin, Alex and Alice witches (Alex is warlock)
Getting the impression Angel doesn’t like Lizzy and nor does Talin. 
There is a pact between the witches and vampires, the vampires provide the protection if the witches call on them, and the witches leave the vampires alone to feed. But someone is trying to destroy the pact they have by cursing Kenya!! 
Do we see any old characters? 
So is there a link like there was in the previous series? I’d say yes there is, the witches/warlock are all Moss witches (like the previous books) And that Vampire’s Coven all fell for the same family of witches/warlock…..
Can Lizzy help restore Kenya back to health? And is she really a witch? 
Oh and someone is possibly targeting her! 
And when Killian finally tastes Lizzy, we have the same reaction that the previous books had MINE!!!! 
It’s an action packed story and I have a feeling it’s going to have some sort of bad guy in the background orchestrating it all!! 

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