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Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander (Highland Shifters Book 1) by Vonda Sinclair


A devilish Highlander cursed to change form…

After defending himself in an ambush and defeating his attacker, Gavin MacTavish finds himself cursed by a woman of the enemy clan. Lady Wilona MacRae is a witch of the dark arts and the mother of his slain foe. Ensnared in the curse, Gavin spontaneously transforms into a hawk at dawn each day, then shifts back into a man at sunset. Devastated that his father has been struck with madness because of the curse, Gavin has no choice but to become chief of a dwindling clan. Fearing him as if he were the devil himself, most have fled.

A wayward lass from the future…

When Dani MacRae, a 21st century English lit professor, is given an ancient family heirloom—a brooch—she begins having sensual dreams of a gorgeous Highlander. These spellbinding dreams threaten to take over her life. But when she holds a 400-year-old claymore at a Highland games event, she’s stunned to find herself thrust back in time to 1630 Scotland, into the bedchamber of the intriguing man who invaded her dreams.

A profound love…

After kissing the bonny, unusual lass, Gavin knows she’s the only woman for him, the woman his eccentric father insists he must marry to destroy the curse. But can Gavin conceal from her what he becomes during the daytime? Surely she will reject him and leave if she finds out.

In an effort to help his ill father and his clan, Dani reluctantly agrees to marry Gavin… at least until she can find his enchanted sword, which could return her to the future. Being ripped from her beloved modern day relatives and successful career, Dani is unsure whether she can sacrifice everything for Gavin. That is… until she falls hard for him.

Once Lady MacRae learns Dani is attempting to break her evil spell, she uses any means possible to thwart the union. Can Gavin and Dani seize the magnificent love that will shatter darkness, banish evil, and restore their good fortune?

The Highland Shifter series is a new Scottish historical paranormal series from Vonda Sinclair.


Dreaming of a Devilish Highlander (Highland Shifters Book 1) by Vonda Sinclair

My Review 

Historical Romance with a hint of magic and I’m there. 

This book did remind me a little of Outlander and The Discovery of Witches (with the time travel) but also a film that I love (Ladyhawke) but that’s where the similarities end. 

A book I couldn’t put down once I started, really well thought out and written. Descriptions of the scenery had me easily imagining myself walking alongside Gavin and Dani. 

Loved the Scottish dialect and its usage in the book (some authors don’t use it correctly, and for me spoils the read.) 

Gavin is the Laird of his small clan, he became the Laird after his father became mad after a curse settles on his clan! A lot of the villagers left (frightened off) so Gavin is working hard to restore both his name and reputation. 

Gavin is such a solid character, he’s frightened and angry at the curse, but he’s trying to live his life as normally as he can (a little hard when you turn into a hawk as the sun rises!) 

Dani is our time travelling damsel. But the only distress she had was getting back to her own time, oh and avoiding marriage to Gavin! She’s an English literature professor from the 21st century, a no nonsense woman who had me in stitches with her wit and inner dialogue. Being thrown back in time would unsettle most people, and it certainly keeps Dani on her toes. 

Lady MacRae is the villain in this book, casting spells and doing her best to keep the marriage from happening. She cast the curse after Gavin 

I did feel a little sorry for her, and at times I wanted her to repent and change (if she does that you’ll need to read the book) but we also need a good villain to boo and hiss at, and Wilona more than adequately fit that remit. 

Reading about this pair did have me chuckling as you watch them skirt around their feelings for one another. Can Gavin tell Dani about his predicament without scaring her away? Will Dani want to stay in a world that has no wifi, no lighting and no running hot water? 

Can the pair break the curse? Can they live as man and wife, or will Dani be forced to live a half life with her”hawk” husband? 

This is the first book in a new series, and although I’ve not read this author or any of her previous books, I’m adding this series to my “watch for” list. 


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