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Two More Lives Card Holders Series Book 2 By Kaitlyn Legaspi


The second set of battles of the Card Holder tournament has commenced.

After months of rigorous training under platinum card user Brochan Cordis, Neela Blydes begins the remaining half of the solo rounds, determined to succeed and become Card Holder of the Queen of Hearts of Domain. Though focus is critical in her battles, another set of burdens consumes her mind.

During the day, Neela searches for her connection to the leader of the rogue organization and the reason behind the death of her father. At night, her dreams are overtaken by darkness and distress, with one filled with destruction and death. Despite any brief moment of happiness that blesses Neela, nothing is enough to overcome the fears it plants within her. 

Not after she wakes to a room of living shadows.

Publication Date 25/3/2022

Two More Lives Card Holders Series Book 2 By Kaitlyn Legaspi

My Review 

Book two starts where book one ends, so it does need to be read in order as it will make a lot more sense. 

Neela is still suffering from a huge personal blow. But training for the next round of the competition helps her get through the day. Brochan (her trainer) has been a great help) when he’s not training her, then he’s acting like a buffer (keeping her occupied) trying to help her work out who killed her father, and why do they want her dead?! And what’s with the nightmares? Are they linked to her past, or is it a glimpse into her future?

But that’s not going to stop her competing in the tournament. She has to beat Ember Redd, and then she needs answers that she’s convinced he has. 

The shadows that frighten Neela need more investigation, us there a purpose or a reason for these shadows? 

Then we have the rogue organisation that may or may not want to bring down the Card Holders Domains (magic holders can enter the tournament to win the right to rule different areas) 

Original characters like Brochan and Amil are a welcome return, and new characters such as Morissa (start out as antagonists) add a new dimension to this thrilling read. 

Another really good read, the author takes us on an emotional journey of discovery and growth. Neela is such a great character, she suffers blow after blow, but still tries to remain positive. Really well written and again quite a lot of thought and detail. Two More Lives will have you gripped until the last page. There is double dealings and betrayal, there is also Neela dealing with the loss of loved ones, and a budding romance 😉 we have laughs as well, so it’s not all doom and gloom. We get the mystery part as Neela continues to find answers to all the questions she has in her head. The fight scenes are detailed enough for it to play in your head.

I’d happily watch this as a movie or tv series. It’s engrossing and thought provoking. 

I’d probably put this in the YA category and I’d also warn that there might be a few triggers that could upset people. So read the warnings before diving in. 

And now after that ending, we have to wait for book three! 


About the Author

Kaitlyn Legaspi is the self-published author of the Dark Irregular Trilogy, a young adult fantasy trilogy she wrote in middle school. Writing passionately on a daily basis, she plans on adding more to her repertoire in the near future. Now a third-year business undergraduate student at the University of Florida, in addition to writing, Kaitlyn enjoys singing, studying in the nearby boba tea shop, and reading whatever has caught her interest. Currently, she is working on publishing the second book of her Card Holders series, Two More Lives.

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