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Pine Creek Marriage Book 2 (Pine Creek Series) by Amity Hope


Love may blossom where it’s least expected in the delightful and heartwarming Pine Creek series from Amity Hope.

Widow Amelia Baumann has sworn to never love again. She’s content to live peacefully in Pine Creek at her friend Mary’s warm, comfortable farmhouse. But then Samuel Kurtz shows up and becomes Mary’s permanent guest, making it hard to keep her feelings in check. Especially after Samuel’s six-year-old niece, Ruthie, whom he’s been raising as his own daughter, completely steals her heart.

When the bishops from another district threaten to send Ruthie to live with her distant aunt, so that she’ll have two parents raising her instead of just Samuel, he hatches a plan.

Amelia reluctantly agrees to a marriage of convenience with Samuel–only because she loves Ruthie and can’t bear to see her torn from the only father she’s ever known. Not because Samuel’s kind green eyes and charming laugh draw her in. And as long as she and Samuel are in agreement that they will simply remain friends…what could possibly go wrong?

Each book in the Pine Creek series is STANDALONE:
* Pine Creek Courtship
* Pine Creek Marriage

Pine Creek Marriage Book 2 (Pine Creek Series) by Amity Hope

Publication Date 28/3/2022

My Review 

Can a marriage of convenience turn into something more? 

This is a heartwarming story of two people thrown together for the sake of a little girl. But it turns into something more…..

Living with her friend Mary, Amelia is enjoying the quiet life. Losing her husband was a blow, so Amelia now throws herself into caring for her friend, and being there for her community. 

But meeting Ruthie and Samuel stirs up feelings Amelia needs to bury, that path will only lead to more heartache! 

Samuel is coming back to where he had happy childhood memories. He’s now a father, but Ruthie isn’t his daughter, she’s his niece? His family isn’t happy with the arrangement, so he’s moved away from his home and family, and had arrived on his aunts doorstep looking for sanctuary. 

Ruthie just stole the book for me. She was just too cute. Her attitude and comments had me smiling every time she appeared. 

So will either of them voice their true feelings? Or will the feelings they begin to have for one another never get voiced? 

Book two in this sweet romance will have you falling in love with additional characters, Ruthie and Mary for me made this book. Ruthie is a cute six year old and Mary is Amelia’s friend. 

It’s not necessary to read the first book (I haven’t) it won’t spoil the enjoyment for this book. 

So if your looking for a sweet romance or just wanting a slower paced romance, then grab this book and enjoy. 

Nicely written and really well thought out. 


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