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Bad Blood: A VamPR Nightmare (Pisces Paranormal PR) book one by Bee Murphy and Niobe Marsh

Description ….

Vampires are real. But whether you’re a fang-head or a groupie, there’s trouble brewing in the streets of Seattle.

Public meltdowns, drug overdoses, rehab missteps, mistresses coming out of the woodwork? There’s nothing a spoiled starlet or a washed up rocker could throw at the renowned Pisces PR Agency that can’t be turned into promotional gold. 

But when Tuesday Matson stepped out of her SUV on that sanguine summer evening, she didn’t expect to walk smack into the biggest PR nightmare of her career. And to make matters worse? The high-powered star at the center of it all is her ex… and they’ve got bad blood.

Five years ago, Vinnie Quake messed up. Big time. But that was nothing compared to this. He’s desperate for help, and if that means hiring his ex? So be it.

There are some secrets that can be swept under the rug, but in a city brimming with anti-vampire sentiment, how do you turn a massacre into a coming out party? There’s more to this PR emergency than Tuesday ever expected, and if she’s not careful she’ll be the next headline—and for all the wrong reasons. 

Bad Blood is a paranormal urban fantasy thriller that is perfect for lovers of True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and things that go bump in the night.

Bad Blood: A VamPR Nightmare (Pisces Paranormal PR) book one by Bee Murphy and Niobe Marsh

Publication date 15/2/2021

My Review..

“Vinnie Quake, international popstar, billionaire, global chart-topping narcissistic asshole, is a vampire… And soon enough the entire world would know. Things would never be normal again.”

Vinnie is facing his biggest challenge yet. After letting his monster slip the leash, he needs to atone for what he’s done…. So many members of staff died that day, but it was the last soul that saved him, that made him leash the beast, and get help…..

Tuesday is good at her job. In fact she’s one of the best, there isn’t much that fazes her or worries her. She turned to work to get over a heartbreak that almost destroyed her! She’s looking to move on, but every time she tries, she’s let down! At least she’s got her job…..

Past history between Vinnie and Tuesday makes this for an interesting read, they were an item until he loses sight of what was important. A one night stand loses him the girl and his normal life!! The life he now wishes he still had! But life goes on and so must Vinnie, but there isn’t a day that goes past he doesn’t wish it was different.

It should just be a case of media management and containment of details. But someone wants to make both Vinnie and Tuesday’s life difficult!

Love story? No. It’s more of a mystery book. Loved the premise and the plot. I was hoping it would turn into a second chance romance, but the further I got into the book, the less I wanted romance, and more sleuthing, but we did get a few passionate moments, which gives me hope that Vinnie and Tuesday aren’t done with each other yet. Vinnie was ok, the usual self absorbed rockstar, the type that seemed to blame everyone else instead of owning his issues. Tuesday was a blast, her opinion had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. But the fact she couldn’t move on and wouldn’t analyse what happened and settles for second best doesn’t really win me over, but by the end I was totally onboard with her and her way of dealing with things.

And by the end of the book, I think they’d both gotten perspective, and Tuesday definitely had the better part of that deal.

So how can Tuesday help Vinnie? Especially when it’s not going to be easy?

Her ideas are sound, her expertise is second to none, so can her plan work? Or can Vinnie be expected to ruin it again?

There is intrigue and a hint of this continuing into the next book. A little double dealing, and treachery!

And the next book ? I’m definitely interested in reading more of Tuesday and her PR adventures.


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