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Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke by Michelle McLean


Bookish Arabella Bromley never gave a fig for society’s rules—until her sister ran off with a man below her station. Now Arabella is desperate to restore her family’s ruined reputation to favor amongst the ton. She’ll have to marry quickly and well. But in order to carry off her plan, Arabella needs a duke… and she has just the rakish fellow in mind.

The Duke of Whittsley has an ungentlemanly tendency to disregard the rules. Unfortunately, a sense of mischief doesn’t excuse a high-ranking noble from family duty—especially where it concerns producing a son. And that’s where he can’t quite resist Arabella’s distinctly outrageous plan: if he saves her family, she’ll give him an heir.

Now the deal’s been struck. They have one year to achieve their goals and ten iron-clad rules to keep them on track. Like long, scorching kisses and ensuring they’re both exquisitely satisfied. And the only thing that could ruin their plan is the one thing they never planned on: love.

Publication Date 14/2/2022

Ten Rules for Marrying a Duke by Michelle McLean

My Review 

Arabella’s family is a bit of a quandary! The family name and reputation are in ruins! The shame that has been bestowed upon the family!! 

The older daughter has run off to be the man she loves, but that’s not the issue, the issue is the gentleman is below her station in life, basically a commoner and a lady shouldn’t be seen together let alone run off with him! And she wants her younger sister to have the excitement of balls and being called on, that won’t happen if society shuns her! So marrying someone of good standing seems like the only solution open to Arabella, and Silas Spencer is just the Duke she’s looking for…..

Arabella is such a character, being the middle child her life should have been simple! But that’s not the case. She has a wicked sense of humour and a very strong sense of right and wrong. Convincing the Duke to see her way of thinking did have me chuckling. 

The Duke of Whittsley Silas Spencer really doesn’t like the pomp and ceremony that society brings with it. He just wants to have fun, but being the last Duke in his line now brings a whole lot of responsibility, he needs an heir, but not necessarily a wife (and the heir really should be in wedlock!) so when Arabella approaches him with a preposterous and outlandish proposal the Duke isn’t sure what to think. 

I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of Silas at first, his attitude and manner was just a little off putting, but with time I grew to like the character. 

Setting rules in a relationship can only spell disaster, pretending that it’s only for connivence is only going to make for heartache. 

And both these characters are playing a dangerous game. 

There is a secret that Silas needs to keep undetected, there is also the fact that the more time they spend together the harder it is to follow those rules. 

Michelle McLean Is one of my favourite historical romance authors, her mixture of drama and humour has me one clicking her work. 

She writes about strong Independent women who know what to do in a crisis. 

Always well thought out and executed really well. 

Love the descriptions of the balls/gala that are planned. 

I loved the ending, it just worked. To see what I mean your going to have to read the book 😉


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