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Off-Limits Protector : A Thrilling Suspense Romance (Agile Security & Rescue Book 3 by Jenna Gunn


There was no way I could leave an innocent woman in the middle of a shootout.

Little did I know she would turn my world inside out.

Dr. Willow Barnhill had more class than my entire home town. Not the kind of woman a man like me should want.

But want her, I did.
And I didn’t stop at wanting.
We gave and took. Drank deeply from one another. And lit the night on fire.

That was the beginning of our beautiful disaster.
She is the one thing I want to keep. Only I know she will never be mine.

But I’m not letting her go until the threat against her life is eliminated. Even if that means faking a marriage, and picking up the sniper rifle I thought I’d put down forever.

About Off-Limits Protector 

Light up your night with this sizzling suspense romance. Former Marine Corps Sniper, Andre Navarro gave up on love long ago. But becoming Willow’s protector makes him want things he never allowed himself to want before. And he knows fighting for her and a chance at a future is worth risking it all.

Enjoy Off-Limits Protector as a standalone or as part of the Agile Security & Rescue Series. No cliffhangers and no cheating in this exciting happy ever after story. Curl up with this steamy read and prepare for this protective hero to steal your heart too.

Publication Date 23/3/2022

Off-Limits Protector : A Thrilling Suspense Romance (Agile Security & Rescue Book 3 by Jenna Gunn

My Review 

Andre Navarro, ex Marine Corps sniper now working for Agile Security-Rescue, is living and breathing the job, he doesnโ€™t have time for relationships..I love Andre, heโ€™s a man youโ€™d want beside you in a crisis. We find out in the book why he doesnโ€™t do relationships. Heโ€™s calm, considerate and a no nonsense man. 

Dr Willow Barnhill canโ€™t believe sheโ€™s in the middle of a war zone! Witnessing a drugs hit, and then being whisked away was not how her day intended to end! 

Willow for me was a great character, a strong  character with a good sense of justice, she keeps her head and doesnโ€™t break easily. 

I liked how we get both characters POVโ€™s (points of view) laughed at their inner dialogues and held my breath when the danger closed in. 

Fast paced action all the way through this book, plenty of plot and a few twists along the way will keep you reading this book. 

Part of a series, this is book three, Iโ€™ve not read the previous books, and I donโ€™t think it matters where you start. 

But Iโ€™m definitely interested in reading the previous books in this series.

Throughly enjoyed the interaction between Andre and Willow. Their emotions might have stemmed from being in close quarters with one another, but it soon becomes apparent that they need one another for so much more.  

But can she break past that wall Andre has built around his heart? And what happens when the danger has passed? 

A highly recommended read if you like an action paced adventure. 


About the Author

Hot. Fast. Strong.

How I like my men, my cars, and my books.

My passion is writing high action, high heat, suspense and rescuer romance books with fun and unexpected plot twists.

I love deep characters who overcome pain, mistrust, and damaged pasts to find their way alongside the mate of their dreams. And always write strong women with big hearts.

My male characters are always alpha but not alphaholes. You won’t find bitchy women or catty girlfriend relationships in my stories either.

All of my books are first person and include two Point of View. I mainly write MF contemporary romance, but have a new MFM menage that is a true love story. It was super fun to write with three POVs.

Most of my books are in a series where you get to know families (5 brothers in the Archer Brothers Series, 5 brothers in The Eden Mountain Firefighters, and Teammates in the Agile Security and Rescue Series). All of the books are standalone and can be enjoyed that way too.

I’ve accomplished my dream as an author when my reader can drop into a book and forget the rest of the world.

In addition to writing, I’m an avid to traveler, surfer, snow skier, and water lover. I’m known to spend long periods on the road with the husband and our pup in our camper van where I always pick up inspiration for my next book. Follow me today or hop over to my website to join my email list at

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