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Irresistible Attraction.: A Opposites Attract, Grumpy/Sunshine novel. (Irresistible Series Book 2) by Marlyn Love


Alisha McQueen is a confident woman who has always stood on her own two red stilettos. Even now, suffering from nightmares, paranoia, and aversion to men’s touch following a brutal attack, she doesn’t accept anyone’s help. But when the man who attacked her finds her home and begins stalking her, it sends her into a spiral of despair. Now what she needs is security, and the one person able to help her with that is none other than the arrogant bulldozer, Cole Walker.


Cole is a man who’s attached to his drama-free lifestyle; that’s the way he has managed to succeed in business while keeping the ghosts from his past at bay. But, although their personalities clash beyond reason, he’s been attracted to Alisha from the start. So, when she offers to help him with his newly discovered teenage daughter in exchange for the safety of a second apartment he owns, he can’t say no.

As they grow closer, realizing that they get along better than they originally thought, the spark between these two headstrong people burns to unbearable heights. However, the secrets and demons they keep buried deep inside force them to face new challenges. Will they and their blossoming relationship be stronger than the real evil trying to tear them apart?

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My Review

This is a new author (second book just released) to both the world and myself. And I was pretty impressed, we kept to the storyline, we didn’t aimlessly wander and fill pages. I connected with the MC (Main Characters) pretty quickly, and I absolutely loved the story. Told in both POV (Points of View) we get inside both Alisha and Cole’s heads, we get to experience their emotions and the fall outs that their secrets and demons have on their lives.

This is going to be a night that neither will ever forget, for Alisha is being attacked, but for Cole it’s finding out he has a daughter he didn’t even know was alive!

When Alisha and Cole first meet it’s at a bar, Cole intervenes when a man starts to harass the woman he’s sat next too, but instead of thanking him, she calls him a bulldozer and walks off!

Second time they meet it’s all business. She needs somewhere safe, and he needs help reaching his daughter.

Alisha was a woman full of confidence and ambition, but within moments her whole world changed! Now she flinches every time a man approached or touches her! And now he’s found her again Alisha needs to hide!

I did find her a little abrasive at first, and a little rude! But the further you read the more she becomes likeable.

Cole is happy with his single life, his friend might have just found the woman of his dreams (book one: Simply Irresistible) but he’s not that bothered, and he just wishes his mother would leave that subject well alone! He’s a grumpy man that you find hard to like, he’s struggling with demons that we find out later in the book. But reading more of his story he thaws out his heart and let’s both Alisha and his daughter in.

Is this ever going to work? How can it when Cole keeps everyone at arms length. And she keeps having nightmares, so can they get past those fears?

The contract drawn up between Cole and Alisha is a good one, he’s to help her get past her fears. The chemistry between these two will singe your fingers, I couldn’t put the book down until it was done! The tension will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat.

Recommend the book? Oh definitely. And I’m planning on going back to read Nick’s book, and I’m hoping this won’t be the last we hear of this series.



Marlyn Love is a vibrant author who writes adult, heartfelt, sexy, contemporary romance stories.

Marlyn writes from her home in the Netherlands. The country of mills, tulips, and the state that has more bicycles than citizens. When her mind and body need to release energy, she loves to hit the gym for a good workout. To fuel her energy, she enjoys eating a typical Dutch snack—a slice of brown bread with butter, topped with a layer of chocolate sprinkles.

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