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The Best Friend’s Guide to Taking Risks by Kadie Scott and Nicole Flockton


Everyone knows that the biggest risk you can take with your best friend is to cross a certain line.

When it comes to relationships, Hunter Lancing is not a risk taker. Between his parents’ terrible divorce and his own bad decisions, he’s been burned. Computers make more sense to him. Everything has a rule. Everything is defined. Like his computers, his best friend is defined, constant, and comes with rules he won’t break.

Part-time children’s party princess Natalie Morgan dances to the beat of a drum no one else can hear. The only person who truly gets her and is never scared off by her sometimes zany ideas is Hunter. But she has a big problem. Natalie keeps having all these…feelings…for her bestie.

But on a weekend getaway, a game of risky dares and one-upmanship that was supposed to just be for laughs may just end up with both of them crossing the friend zone line.

Publication Date 4/4/2022

The Best Friend’s Guide to Taking Risks by Kadie Scott and Nicole Flockton

My Review

I do like a good friends to lovers read sometimes, and this one hits all the right spots.

Kadie Scott who also writes under the pen name of Abigail Owen ,who writes some amazing paranormal romances (which are some of my all time favourite books) Nicole Flockton is a new author to me, but I think I’ll be visiting her site to see what books she writes. The dual writing doesn’t always work for me, but in this case the reading is easy. Full of descriptions that have you visualising the story as it unfolds.

Hunter has a well ordered life. After being burnt by previous relationships, it’s safter to have one night stands, that way his heart stays unharmed. The one thing he can rely on is his best friend Natalie, she’d never let him down or hurt him. And so he’d never cross that line (even though he’d thought about it!)

Natalie is just a joy to read, she reminds me of a fairy, spreading joy and glitter wherever she goes 😊 her job is also her company. She works as a Princess catering for parties, she makes her own costumes and gives it 110% she loves bringing smiles to the partygoers faces, what she doesn’t like is the put downs and snide comments some parents make!

A road trip puts the two characters together in a close environment, he’s looking at relocating to Texas, so a planned visit to the area he might move too seems like a good idea, the downside….. Natalie turns it into a a fun filled weekend with almost kisses and heated glances.

But can Hunter move Natalie out of the friend zone and into a lover he can have forever?

If you want a fun filled, feel good read, then you won’t be sorry if you grab this one. A friends to lovers story that will have you laughing at their antics and keeping fingers crossed for the princess to get her Prince. There is a little angst in here, but nothing worth a trigger.

Loved the karaoke and the dares these two made each other do. I also loved Natalie’s sisters (please can they have books too?)

Can the two tell each other how they really feel? Or will they keep each other in the friend zone?


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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