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Fractured Dynasty: A Dark Mafia Romance (Five Families Book 4) by Penelope Black


It was supposed to be my happily ever after.
For the first time in a long time, there was a promise of peace. So my Italian heirs and I made plans—big, life-changing plans, and tried to move on with our lives.

But I was naive to think that there weren’t snakes lying in the grass, just waiting for the opportune time to strike.
It was a blow no one saw coming.

We didn’t start this war, but with the help of our unexpected allies, we’re sure as h*ll going to end it.
I vowed that I would never sit idle while my family is in danger.
And I never break a promise.

Publication Date 13/4/2022

Fractured Dynasty: A Dark Mafia Romance (Five Families Book 4) by Penelope Black

My Review

This is part of a series, and although you don’t need to read the previous books, I’m definitely going back. We meet up with lots of other characters that I assume are in the other books. And as I really liked this short story, I’d like to know more 😉

So basically this is the end to the series, but as I’m going to read the series backwards, I’ll have to go in blind….

Maddison (Maddie/Cherry or Raven depending on who is talking to her) which does make it a little confusing. Is the center of their world, but I get the feeling something happened in a previous book to make her jumpy, so she needs to see one of her men at all times to feel safe! What the hell happened?

Matteo Rossi is the oldest brother and head of the “Rossi family.” A lot of responsibility on those shoulders, but with the help of his brothers and best friend he protects Maddie the best way he can. And tries to bring the five families back in line.

Rafael (Rafe/Aries) brother to Matteo is Maddie’s protector, hard as nails to everyone but his girl. Head of security

Leo is the baby of the bunch, the joker the one who puts a smile on his girl’s face. He’s had to face his father a few times (and has scars to prove it) but with that all in their past (we hope) he can just live for the moment.

Dante might be Matteo’s best friend and his “Underboss” but Maddie rules him, he’s died for her (and apparently something like that might have happened!)

So this story essentially is just an epilogue to their main story (which I so need to read) Madison(Cherry/Raven) and her quartet of hot men.

There is a surprise that no one expects, but everyone is willing to lay their lives down for.

But with enemies still out to end this new family, Matteo is going to have to pull all the stops out, and end this war once and for all!

As I said, I haven’t read the previous books, but this has whetted my appetite for more of the Rossi family, and indeed the back catalogue of the authors books!

A wedding in Vegas that has lots of steamy moments. A few funny moments and an ending that thinks there is a new series in the pipeline.

I’m off to find book one…..


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