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Wolf Hunter (Moon Kissed Book 1) by Harper A. Brooks


Falling for her target wasn’t part of the plan.

Tasha Ward exists as a phantom. Drifting from place to place, she can blend in to the point of invisibility—a trait highly useful for a deadly assassin like her. But after years of perfecting her skills, she wants to be seen.

No… It’s more than that. She wants the alpha of the murderous Redcliff wolf pack to look her in the eye as she plunges her knife straight through his heart. Traveling deep into the pack’s territory alone, Tasha’s prepared for war… until she finally faces the pack’s ruggedly sexy leader and does the one thing she’s never done before. Hesitate.

As the new alpha, Reid Holden doesn’t agree with many of the traditions his father believed in. Especially taking a woman to sacrifice once a year. Unfortunately, being on top means he’s always a target, and venomous snakes are everywhere. Even in his own family.

Tasha’s meant to be another enemy, but Reid is finding it impossible to hate her. It doesn’t help that his wolf has already claimed her. She may want him dead, but she might be the one person he’ll end up risking everything for.

Sizzling romance meets pulse-pounding suspense in Wolf Hunter, the latest gripping novel from USA Today Bestselling Author Harper A. Brooks!

Wolf Hunter is book one of the Moon Kissed Series.

Publication Date 28/4/2022

Wolf Hunter (Moon Kissed Book 1) by Harper A. Brooks

My Review

A new series by a relatively new author to me. But as I enjoyed her last book I decided on another by her.

This one is totally different from the last book I read of hers.

And I loved it.

Tasha is an assassin, a hunter renowned for her hunting skills. But her true objective is to find and kill the alpha that took her sister. She’s getting closer, honing her skills until the day she can dispense her own brand of justice!

Reid being the new leader of his fathers wolf pack brings its own issues. A strong and fearless leader he might be, but changing pack politics and traditions will take time, and not all the pack members want the changes!

It’s hate all the way for Tasha, she can’t nor won’t trust Reid.

Reid on the other hand has mixed feelings about this witch, she stirs things in him that will only cause trouble!

It’s a great story, and one I can’t wait to continue. Both Reid and Tasha are great characters, both strong, both independent, but both wanting more out of life. Neither of them expecting to feel the way they do about the enemy.

Julius (Reid’s older brother) is an interesting character, what side will he fall on? Good or just out for himself?

Liam ((Reid’s younger brother) is a poet, a sensitive soul, but he’s hiding something too! And with double crossings and betrayal around every corner, who can Reid really trust?

Magic and mystery is the thread in this book. Reid needs magic to keep the shields up that protect his pack lands, but with Tasha telling him there is something wrong within the pack, Reid is going to need more than magic to keep his pack together.

So when Tasha and Reid form a tentative alliance (she wants to find her sister, he needs a spy) you know it’s going to spell trouble.

The book gets you involved, you look at each character and wonder are they hiding something.

You also have the main characters deal with their own issues and attraction to one another.

And when an opportunity to escape arises, will Tasha actually want to go?

And the way this book ends! It had me yelling at my kindle!

I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommended read. And one I’ll be continuing…..

Leading us into book two…..


* Arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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