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The Reaper: A New Adult, Vigilante, Standalone, Slow Burn Romance (The Soldiers of Anarchy Book 2 by Nikki J Summers

The Reaper: A New Adult, Vigilante, Standalone, Slow Burn Romance (The Soldiers of Anarchy Book 2 by Nikki J Summers


From the International best selling author of The Psycho, comes an all new vigilante, slow burn, standalone romance. This story contains darker subject matter, so reader caution is advised. Please heed those trigger warnings.

Some people are born in darkness.

Some have darkness thrust upon them.


I was the darkness.

Forged in the flames of my stepfather’s hatred, I learnt from an early age that life was cruel, harsh, and unforgiving. This life would destroy you unless you stood up for yourself, took control, and fought back.

I was always a fighter, but my soul remained charred from the fires that consumed me. My heart an empty cavern filled with echoes of a life I’d never live. Branded with a vengeance that drove me to do for others what no one had ever done for me.

I ran in a pack with my soldiers, but I was a lone wolf. A solitary soul set to wander this earth.

People avoided me.

They feared me.

But not her.

From the shadows, she watched.

In the darkness, she waited.

In her dreams, she saw something no one else did.

She saw the real me.

But dreams aren’t meant for monsters like me. And when a devil from my past comes back to haunt me, I have to make a decision for this life and the next. I need to keep her safe at all costs. My little raven.

Death waits for no man.

But neither does The Reaper.

The Reaper is a standalone, new adult romance. There are scenes of a violent and sexual nature in this story, therefore it is intended for readers of 18+ years. Please take note of the trigger warnings listed at the beginning of this book.

Publication Date 28/4/2022

My Review

Second book in The Soldiers of Anarchy Series, and I loved it. A dark romance that’s starts off slow , but once we get going, then there is no stopping the reaper possessing his Raven..

Devon (known as the Reaper) lives up to his name. Abused as a child by his stepfather, promises himself he will exact retribution for all the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and his friends…….

Daughter to the local vicar, Leah May (Raven) is a lost soul, she doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Invisible to most and that’s the way she likes it. But the only person she wants to see her doesn’t even know she exists. But she’s about to change that….

This book is dark, but I didn’t think it was as dark as book one (The Psycho with Olivia and Adam)

The Soldiers live and protect their home turf to the best of their abilities. Yes they are violent vigilantes, but only to those who deserve it.

They run a club on outskirts of Sandland and Brinton Manor (The Sanctuary) it provides them with an income and a place to be themselves.

When Devon finally notices Leah then he’s totally fixated on her, he regrets not “seeing” her earlier. But I don’t think he was ready to have his Raven in his life.

When you find out that Leah is the vicar’s daughter, you’ll assume she’s either a good girl and will be ruined by the reaper, or a wannabe bad girl looking to stick her fingers up to the world. She’s neither, she’s an amazing character and totally the right person for Devon. She has her own dark side and demons to battle, so she gets Devon.

So how can a boy from the wrong side of the tracks ever be good enough for a vicar’s daughter?

Your going to have to read it and find out 😉

This book deals with a few things that could be triggers for people (so please look at the warnings before grabbing this book)

We get to catch up with Adam and Olivia, and also get to see the rest of the soldiers. Here’s hoping they all get their stories.

A highly recommended read, and I can’t wait for “Joker’s” book.


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