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★✩★ BOOK SALE! ★✩★

Torn Apart by J.M. Riddles

★✩★ BOOK SALE! ★✩★

Torn Apart, book 1 in the Convergence Series by JM Riddles is currently on SALE for 99c!! Download this Fantasy romance, friends to lovers, Warrior Priestess while it’s 99c!

This SALE is only available from April 23 – 30!!






Also available in the series:

Blood Bound – Book 2

Wolfmother – Book 3


As a priestess in the service of the dragon goddess, Halea must roam the land hunting demons and sealing tears caused by the Chaos Dimension that seeks to converge with their world. She has sworn an oath to devote herself only to her goddess, and if necessary, will even die for her mission.


One day she discovers that her beloved childhood friend, Varg, has survived the devastation of the last convergence and has since risen to become the alpha of his people, the lycans. 

Together they battle the forces of Chaos, but when Varg wants Halea to be his mate, she is torn between her oath and her desire to be with the Wolf King who loves her.

 Only a blood sacrifice can stop the coming of the next convergence, and with Halea’s life on the line, Varg will do anything to save her.



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