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Wicked Schemes: an enemies-to-lovers college romance (Ridge Rogues Book 4) by Renee Harless

Wicked Schemes: an enemies-to-lovers college romance (Ridge Rogues Book 4) by Renee Harless


I was broken.



No one knew about the childhood that had been stolen from me. I lived my life without trusting anyone and silently questioning every move.

The purple eyes of Haley Sinclair haunted my dreams. One bad decision changed her life, but she single-handedly destroyed mine.

A baby wasn’t part of the plan, but I knew that it was my chance to prove everyone wrong. I feared ruining a relationship with Haley and moving forward with her would pave a path filled with regrets.

There was one thing I knew for sure – love couldn’t be built on lies.

Publication Date 26/4/2022

My Review

This is book four in the series, I’ve not read the previous books, but after reading this one, I’m definitely going back to read the others.

It’s a series about family, about how not your blood family aren’t necessarily the best people.

Haley lives with heartbreak. Her mother took her own life after a scandal involving her father. He was proven innocent, but the family image had been tarnished! Trying to move on is hard for both her father and Haley, but together they take it one step at a time.

Her music is her solace, it takes her away from her heartache and sorrow for just a little while. But recently she’s not been able to write…..

Rylan is part of the Ridge Rogue crew, they are all brothers, but not by blood. Adopted by the same family. Coming from a home that didn’t care if he lived or died! Rylan has found it hard to trust, to open up…..

They have one night together whilst on a college trip. Haley thinks it’s more, but the next morning he completely blanks her! And at school it’s just the same. Was she just an other notch on Rylan’s bedpost?

But as they share the same group of friends it’s going to prove awkward (a couple of Rylan’s brothers are dating Haley’s friends) a truce is needed……

But sparks are still flying, obviously it’s still unfinished between them…..

So when Rylan suggests it’s just s€x and nothing else, Haley agrees (which sort of throws Rylan) and so the affair begins. It’s fun at first, but Rylan begins to want more!

It’s told in dual points of view, so we get to read both reactions to the story.

It’s all going pretty well when a bombshell is dropped! Will Haley ever forgive Rylan?

There are dark moments in this book, so I would advise you to read the warnings before jumping in.

And now we wait for the next book.

Oh, and if you sign up to the authors newsletter, you get a free book within this series. (Don’t think you can get it anywhere else)


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