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FIRE AND AMULET by Helen B Henderson

FIRE AND AMULET by Helen B Henderson


Trelleir is a true dragon whose magic allows him to take on human form. The last of his kind, he longs for companionship. However, his only friend is not only a human female, but a slayer. Sworn to kill all dragons, including him.

Summoned by the village council, Deneas is sent on a quest to kill any and all dragons, and cannot return without proof of her success. Finding the mythical creature and avoiding its deadly talons and fire are not her only problems. Another slayer follows with orders to kill her. As she retraces her slain mother’s footsteps, she learns the world is not what it seems.

Publication Date 29/3/2022

My Review

Deneas is a skilled dragon hunter, so when the council order her to hunt and kill the last dragon, she has no choice.

Trelleir is a dragon (shifter) well actually he’s a dragon that’s shifts into a man (totally different) he’s also the last of his kind. He knew Deneas’s parents, and promised her mother to always look out for her.

This story gives a whole new twist on shifter stories. So I’d say it’s more magic and myth rather than shifter.

It’s also divided into three stories, we have a dragon slayer who’s been sent out to kill Deneas! And Deneas needs to find out what really happened to her parents, and more about the dragons her mother was sworn to kill (and didn’t, her mother was also a slayer before being tried as a witch and killed!)

Written with a very sense of old fashion wordage and tone. It’s slow and sluggish at times, and it does wander around looking a little lost!

I did like the part where Deneas reads her mother’s journal. I’m also interested in finding out if there are any other dragons alive, or is Trelleir really the last of his kind. (Have to admit I cried when he found the nursery empty of hatchlings)

It’s not a romance book by an sense of the imagination. No fade to black, no sweet romance, nothing. So if Trelleir wants a mate this book doesn’t give that impression. And the ending…. Well that gave me the feelings of guardianship rather than a grand love!

Left on not really a cliffhanger, but an opening to a series. Which I’m really hoping will happen because I enjoyed the book once I realised there wasn’t going to be any steam.


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