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Arc Review

Witchhunter: Dark Paranormal Romance, Enemies to Lovers by Quinn Blackbird

Witchhunter: Dark Paranormal Romance, Enemies to Lovers by Quinn Blackbird


Dark Paranormal Romance

I want to hurt people, those awful, unspectacular humans. But the Hunters …? Oh, what I wouldn’t give to tear them limb from limb.

The land is divided into two, split by the dangerous mountains that cut us into two: Home of the Hunters and the home of the Witches, forever at war.
Once, I belonged to the lands where people and Hunters live — until the Change came and my family whisked me away to the mountains, seeking safety for my rising witchery. They didn’t make it beyond the mountains and the Hunters that lurk there, ready to slaughter my kind and anyone who helps us.
I made it, though.
And I promised on the very day that I was orphaned, I will dedicate my life to the utter destruction of all Hunters across the land, even if it costs me the last breath in my body.

…and that final breath seems to be inching closer when a mission to save Witches before the Change goes so terribly wrong, and I wind up a prisoner of a Hunter so beautiful that his face is just asking to be torn apart.

WITCHHUNTER is a four-novella series released in KU ‘RAPID’ style. For purchase-to-read and paperbacks, please check out the box set which will be better suited to those not enrolled in KU.
This series is a dark paranormal fantasy romance, so reader discretion is advised!
Nothing is sweet in the Blackbird worlds …

Publication Date 26/4/2022

My Review

Witches live on one side, Hunters live on the other with a huge mountain range dividing them. They use to be allies, but something happened to make them enemies……

Dark paranormal romance, trigger warnings, so please be advised before grabbing this book.

It’s a four part series, and each part ends on a cliffhanger, you can buy them separately, but I’m glad I got the Boxset.

I read it in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. It’s not overly long, but it’s packed with plenty of things going on…..

It’s definitely an enemies to lovers read. And the main characters have plenty of hate for one another.

Pretty fast paced and lots of action.

There are a few silly mistakes on the book, but it doesn’t take away from the main story.

Witches and Hunters are bitter enemies, both have lost loved ones, so when they get the chance to fight one another they will.

So when a battle sees our two main characters come face to face you won’t know the outcome, both are eventually matched, so it could go either way…..

But when she is taken hostage by the Hunters, she thinks it’s all over! But she won’t go without a fight.

There is torture, there is a few dark moments. But there is also a few light moments.

It’s good to see that both the main characters don’t give in to an immediate attraction. In fact if you’ve read this authors work before, then you’ll know her hero’s are hero’s at all!

So can she trick the Hunter into letting her go? Or will this be the last sunrise she’ll ever see?

I don’t want to give anything away, so if you like your stories dark, then give it a go, but I’d recommend the Boxset rather than the individual stories 😉


*Arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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