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Let Us Prey: An Apex Society Caper: A Paranormal/Dark/Steamy/Shifter Romance by Cassandra Featherstone and C. Rochelle


***The authors strongly suggest you read the prequel, Come Out & Prey, before you read this book***

In this world, you’re either predator or prey.

I come from a long line of pure-blood predators, but when my shift finally happened, I turned out to be prey.

A bunny to be exact. A freakin’ bunny.

The guy I’d been promised to since birth rejected me. My own father has turned his back on me – shipping me off to Apex Academy even though it’s practically a death sentence with what I am.

Oh, and of course, my ex-fiance and his friends are here at the academy and more than happy to make my life a living hell.

But then I met my teachers. Five incredibly gorgeous apex predators, each one more mysterious than the last. And all of them, very much off-limits.

There is something dark at Apex Academy – something that’s killing off students and teachers alike. As prey, I’m afraid I’m the easiest target, but who can I trust to keep me safe?

Let Us Prey is book 1 in the steamy and mysterious Apex Society Capers standalone paranormal romance series. Please read the “preyquel” – Come Out & Prey – for backstory on our bunny, Delores, her hottie professors, and the secrets surrounding Apex.

Please see inside the book for a full list of triggers and warnings.

Publication Date 30/4/2022

Let Us Prey: An Apex Society Caper: A Paranormal/Dark/Steamy/Shifter Romance by Cassandra Featherstone and C. Rochelle

My Review 

Reading the prequel to this series is advised but not essential (but things will make better sense if you do) 

Bunny shifters are at the bottom of the food chain. So when Delores (or Dolly) shifts into a bunny shifter all hell can be expected. Reason being….. her family are predators through and through. So having a bunny shifter for a daughter is just not the done thing! 

But Dolly has grown a backbone since reading the prequel, she’s dumped pink and fluffy, and now has a whole new look and attitude to take her into Apex Academy. But insecurities are hard to shake especially when you have the ex-boyfriend and all your old so called “friends” coming to Apex as well! 

But help is on her side, and it’s in the form of teachers/professors. But not just any one, oh no, they are destined to protect/advise and care for her. That’s right, our bunny has a harem 😉

These guys are just amazing. Each one brings something special to the table. 

Spicy? Yes 🥵 

Funny? Absolutely freaking hilarious 😂 

We get to see rare shifters, we get funny one liners that you’ll be yearning to use. And we get to watch our Dolly grow into a kick a$$ character. 

We also have a mystery to solve, pupils are dying, even the teachers aren’t safe! It’s going to be interesting to see if my theories are correct 😉

I can’t wait to read where we go next. 


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