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Mortal Souls (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 1) by Crea Reitan


“My name is Lena. I’m not a God. I’m not even a hero. But this is my adventure: Through the Valley of the Kings to retrieve Pandora’s Box – stolen by the Seven Deadly Sins. Into the Evenfall Mansion to wage battle against a Fire Elemental. To the Akropolis to burn the awoken Nightmares. Through the Underworld to retrieve my soul from the rings of Chaos. Into Mount Olympus to face the big 12.

“At least I have the help of my friends who are gods.”

This isn’t your typical story about Greek gods. If you’re expecting to read about how a girl was fated for a god who will now love only her for the rest of eternity, or perhaps a goddess who had been waiting hundreds of years just to fall in love with that single boy and now her life is complete… well, this is not that story.

These gods are beautiful and they know it. They’re promiscuous and find no reason to hide it. They stay angry for hundreds of years, plotting their petty revenge for even the most insignificant of slights. If you’re a means to an end, they have no qualms about manipulating you to obtain the outcome they desire. That includes your death. Humans, as fun as they are for the gods, are disposable since their life only registers with a god for less than a heartbeat in their eternity.

Join Lena as she navigates her way through the world of the gods with all their beautiful temptation and frightening adversaries. She adventures through the deadly and enchanted. By her side, and sometimes in her bed, are her friends, an array of terrifying, gorgeous beings. And, increasingly, as she journeys through each book, her eyes are opened a little more to the truth of what the gods are: savage, unforgiving, fickle, and ridiculously promiscuous.

Except that, in the end, gods don’t actually have friends. They don’t trust each other or any other soul. So who Lena can trust in a world that has turned her life upside down is never really clear.

This is a full-length, 110,000 word, mature high school/new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy (and a budding reverse harem) with the introduction of a variety of many different sexual orientations and situations that will be further expanded upon and explored in later books. This book contains plenty of WTF moments, friendship, sins, battles with swords and fire, traversing through hell, magic, gods, and a smidgen of MM. There is alluded to not fully consensual sex that the reader might not pick up on until book 2. This is book 1 in a (currently) 6 book series. The first three books are partially an origin story for the FMC. You may not see the harem for several books, but do not fret! It’s definitely coming. There will not always be a happy ending for many characters. Can be read as a stand alone and does not end with a cliffhanger but does leave unresolved plot points that will be picked up in future books.

Publication Date 15/6/2020

Mortal Souls (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 1) by Crea Reitan

My Review

I’ve read a few books by this author before, and noticing these on KU (kindle unlimited) I decided to give them a go (there is nine books in this series so far)

I really liked the pictures Gods family tree and their domains, it’s something I kept going back too, and the back pages have it in more detail.

Book one sets the scene, Olena (Lena) comes from Rhode Island, she’s come to wherever this is to study (I’m thinking this could be the start of a bully romance?) not really knowing anyone is a little daunting , so when the resident hot guy volunteers to show her around she’s a little apprehensive!

The setting of the scenes are detailed and well thought out. The characters are either going to be the ones you root for, or your going to hate. And for a while I wasn’t too keen on any of them! Petty, spiteful and filled with self importance!

It did make for an interesting read, the gods don’t see monogamy or love important, they are only out for themselves.

There is a lot of information to process, but once Lena settles down and makes a few friends the characters are easier to follow.

Harry Potter/The Maze/Hunger Games all spring to mind (and I personally think the series would make a great tv series.)

I love Greek mythology, and love reading different spins on the stories we already know and love.

Am I looking forward to reading book two? I think I am.


Gods of Idols (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 7) by Crea Reitan



The Idols are coming.

They’ve known for two years that the Idols are coming. Despite all the research and preparation, Lena still doesn’t truly understand what that will entail. All she knows is that they drove the local vampire colony mad with bloodlust that compelled them into a violent murder spree before the previous uhnupte sent the idols to their graves until they learned civility several millennia ago.

Lena and her friends know that the idols are not civil. So what has freed them, you ask? The necromancer from a few years ago had disturbed their tomb while he called on the long dead in a misguided effort to get his girlfriend back, allowing the idols to work themselves free. Now camp is filled with their tell-tale warning: the scent of pine, peaches, and rot.

They’ve gathered a whole plethora of immortals from many pantheons to assist in taking down the idols. Yes, Lena is there, the unimpressed vessel to the monster god. But she feels its destructive core and is too afraid to embrace its power.

However, she may not have a choice when she finds her friends falling to what appears to be their permanent deaths…

Publication Date 21/1/2022

Gods of Idols (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 7) by Crea Reitan

My Review

Book seven in this series, and it’s definitely not a series you can dip in and out of, they do need to be read in order…..

I like the beginnings of the book, you get a refresher of who is who, what they’ve been doing and their strengths and weaknesses. The names and designations of mortals/vampires/demons/gods do take a little getting use to. In fact some names I can’t pronounce so its usually abbreviated. But the index definitely helps, it also stops the author from repeating themselves too many times.

The gods still like to dabble/sleep with one another, but as the series progresses I do get a sense of cohesion, they might still fool around with one another but nearly as much as they use to.

Lena is the main character in this series, but we do to visit with other people, and I think this keeps the story from getting boring. She has lovers/powers/happiness. But with the imminent arrival of the idols, Lena isn’t sure where this is going……

Idols are false gods, but they’ve grown in power and now threaten the gods and their existence. It’s Lena’s job to stop them, but her powers aren’t ready, she’s still getting use to them.

I like these books because they don’t end on a cliffhanger, not all the problems are solved within the book but a few are (and those are dealt with as the story progresses)

The ending to this book did have me wondering where this would lead Lena to next.


Gods of Fire (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 8) by Crea Reitan


By the time Lena was able to wake the monster god and destroy the idols, too many immortal lives had already been lost, and the camp was decimated in the process. Unable to stand the trauma, the gods move on and become a little more domestic.

While Lena still faces some personal challenges that require her to come to terms with many aspects of her life, she and the men she’s gathered start to truly settle into a home all their own. But there are obstacles in her life that continue to make Lena feel helpless: her best friend’s empty marriage, the looming dread of creating an eighth Onama, and Syna is stuck mid-transition into a vampire.

And then they learn that they didn’t just build their new neighborhood outside a mortal town, but also outside a nest of fire-breathers. And one of these hotheads is beginning to challenge Delete as his beast lays claim to Lena as his mate.

This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic content; please visit my website for full list of content and warnings:

Publication Date 19/5/2022

Gods of Fire (Immortal Stream: Children of the Gods Book 8) by Crea Reitan

My Review

Definitely not a series to be read out of order, if you do then expect to be a little confused!

After battling the false gods, Lena and her community need to move, it’s no longer safe! But moving to a new home comes with lots of other challenges (and a few surprises)

We have a few new faces joining in this book, and I can’t wait to see where they take the story.

One of the other characters I’ve been reading avidly about gets her HFN (happy for now) ending, she’s been through a lot, so when it’s her turn I hope she gets a better deal than of late.

What this book lacks in action is made up with solid storylines. You don’t need to go at 100 miles an hour all through the book, the s€x scenes don’t need to last for chapters 😝 continuity and clarity are the key words when dealing with lots of characters. And you definitely get that in this book. I don’t get confused as I did with book one, lots of the characters are becoming firm favourites.,

I’m hoping there will be a few loose ends tied up in the next book (they won’t majorly become an issue, but they were serious enough to be mentioned) 🤔

Is this a RH (reverse harem) I’d say yes, but there are also dynamics within Lena and her lovers (a little m/m action) that doesn’t make it completely focused on her.

So where does this book take us? It’s possibly starting a new plot. We battled the idols, so that’s done (maybe) we now need to settle down into the new neighbourhood and see where it takes us…..

I could happily watch this as a tv series (a movie wouldn’t be long enough and I’d hate for them to cut too much out) solid characters and a really well thought out storyline.

But if your going to read it, then definitely start at the beginning.


*Arc’s supplied by The Reading Cafe

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