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The Dragon’s Vow (Silver Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 3) by Marie Johnston



When my brother was busy trying to win the mate of his dreams, I may have indulged a time or twenty in the voluptuous curves of a human woman. I fell hard and when I asked her for more, she turned me down flat. She would never move to the small shifter town I lived in and I could never leave. Message received. So I walked away before I told her what I was. Then I find out she’s pregnant with my young.


I moved to a big city after high school and I’ve been savoring the anonymity ever since. Then Steel shows up and destroys the tidy but exhausting life I’ve built for myself. I’m not allowed to raise a dragon shifter kid away from the clan, and since I know Steel’s shifter secret, I have to mate him. So, basically, I’m losing everything I worked for. But I refuse to lose my heart, no matter what.

Publication Date 14/6/2022

Steel Silver is the middle brother in this series, and my favourite.

He’s the protector/enforcer for the Silver dragon Clan. It’s a job he takes very seriously. To the humans that live in the town the Clan reside they think he’s a sheriff?

Avril is Ava’s best friend (mated to Steel’s brother) She’s in a job she loves, but the hours are beginning to wear her out, she needs to slow down!

Both were scratching an itch (but to Silver I think it was more.)

She’s pregnant! And she knows who the daddy is…. And when he finds out he’s in his car and off to confront her! She can’t have the baby outside of the Clan, the only alternative is to mate! But Avril wants to be wanted for her and not because she pregnant with Steel’s baby!

But when he tells her the reasons why, at first she’s very sceptical, she thinks Steel is delusional, put when she sees him in all his dragon glory, it hits home! She’s having a baby dragon!

So can Steel convince Avril he wants her and the baby, it’s not duty? And can Avril put her distrust of men aside and make a family with Steel?

Another great story from this author, pick it up, you won’t be sorry.

This book was a really great read.


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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