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It Started with a Kiss by S.L. Scott


It started with a kiss.

Admittedly, it was a moment of weakness on my part. But even the strong-willed have been known to fall for a hard body underneath a tailored suit and a five o’clock shadow coating a sharp jawline. 

It didn’t matter that Jackson St. James was nothing but trouble. Trouble was just my type. 

Been there. 

Done him. 

Not making that mistake again.

We were friends, a low-key affair we designed ourselves—over before we began. After all, together we made no sense.

Jackson is into sports. I prefer the arts. 

He gulps beer. I sip champagne. 

While I might not be described as humble, his arrogance is through the roof. 

But when he asks if we can talk, my traitorous Louboutins come to a full stop. Although I’ve seen enough movies to know how these conversations go, maybe, just maybe, he’ll surprise me.

He has before . . . 

We may have started with a kiss, but how will we end?

Publication Date 24/5/2022

It Started with a Kiss by S.L. Scott

My Review

It started with a kiss….

A cute little RomCom that will have you sighing one moment, then rolling your eyes at both the main characters antics!

Comedy moments are plenty, banter and great scenes will face to rapidly turning pages to find out what happens next.

I fell in love with both Marlow and Jackson. He’s successful, he’s a bit of a player, but he’s a stead fast friend to Marlow.

Marlow is struggling to make ends meet, and when she’s evicted from her home on New Year’s Eve there is only one person she can turn too…

Friends to lovers story that is low on angst.

Really nicely done. I couldn’t put the book down until it was done.

Reading how Jackson wants more than just friends with benefits, but with Marlow having financial and family issues it makes her wary of giving more to Jackson. But he’s patient, he’s not going anywhere, he’ll prove to Marlow that he’s here for her forever.

The side characters were great, they will have you hoping to read more of their lives at some point.

So if your looking for a story that’s low on angst, but with plenty of banter and hot times, then grab It started with a kiss, you’ll be glad you did.

I was, and I’ll be rereading it again and again.


*Arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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