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Alpha Hunted (Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse) Part of: Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse by Crea Reitan


I lost everything in a freak accident. My entire family; everything I’d ever cared about – gone in an instant. Unable to bear the constant reminders and emptiness of my life, I moved across the country to dull the loss, hopefully falling into the anonymity of a large city where even an alpha could disappear.

Starting over was never in my plans. All I wanted was to blend in and let life pass me by. Live in my modest studio apartment with my mindless job as an absentee owner of a popular juice bar downtown.

I spent my days with headphones in as I worked through each machine at the gym, grabbing a juice from my cafe on the way home, and drowning myself in the solitude of my house.

And then I met the only thing I’d never managed to obtain with my pack – an omega who made everything in me spark. And in the next breath, a shy beta who made my most basic instincts rear up and want to wrap her in my arms and give her the world.

Try as I may, I can’t seem to run far enough away from either of them. Once we meet, something keeps pulling us back together at every corner. Just as I start to give in and wrap myself in their pack that consists of two other alphas, I find out that the freak accident that took my first pack from me wasn’t an accident at all.

And now I’m being hunted by the murderers who intend to finish the job.

Publication Date 23/6/2022

*This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic content.

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Alpha Hunted (Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse) Part of: Knotty & Sweet Omegaverse by Crea Reitan

My Review

Another author that’s going on my author to read list.

A really good read, and I’m hoping this will be the start of a new series.

Written in multiple points of view (which sometimes can get a little confusing) But this one had clear characters so I didn’t get confused at all.

It’s a story set in the Omegaverse (a universe where Alpha/Beta/Omega are an everyday occurrence, it can be human or shifter)

Main characters are: Terence (who is an alpha) Kaiser (the omega) Marley (beta) Phynn and Adrian (who are both alpha’s)

It’s full of emotion, full of action and I couldn’t put it down, have tissues handy and chocolate at the ready! Twists and a few sudden turns will have you trying to read the pages faster. 😆

Terence starts the story. A few weeks ago he’d lost his pack in an accident, totally bereft, totally at a loss at which direction his life would go…

We then follow him as he goes through the motions of shutting down his emotions, we watch as he cuts contact with everyone, he interacts with no one!

Being an absent/silent owner in the juice shop his pack owned is his only source of contact, the gym is where he goes to tire himself out! And that’s his life!

Meeting Kaiser should have been a happy moment (he and his pack were always searching for an omega to add to their home) but it’s only bringing back sad memories, so when he meets Marley in the same moment as Kaiser, walking away is the only course of action. He can’t, he won’t put himself through it again!

But Kaiser and Marley aren’t willing to let him get away, Kaiser might be the omega, but he has the pack wrapped around his finger, Phynn and Adrian now want to meet the alpha who made their beta and Omega decide they need an additional alpha added to the pack.

There is M/M content, so if it’s not your thing I’d suggest you not pick it up. There is also MFM, it’s a reverse harem in full swing. It is a slow burn, but once it gets going …… 😉

You can’t but hope Terence accepts his feelings for a potentially new pack. You hope Marley and Kaiser can persuade Terence to join their pack.

And when Terence finds out his old pack was actually murdered and not a car accident his first thought is he should have been with them.

Can he find out who and why his old pack was murdered before he loses his new pack?

I loved this book and I can’t wait to return to it at some point.


Available on Kindle Unlimited

*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe.

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