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A Touch of Fire: A Steamy Small Town Romance (The Sisters in Sirens Series Book 2 by Kathryn K. Murphy


Megan White should’ve died twenty-five years ago.

Now she appears to have it all—a solid career, a trendy apartment—but she feels like a fraud. A firefighter, Megan has an edge she doesn’t deserve. She doesn’t burn. Torn between her duty and her dreams, Megan is about to escape to the life she always wanted when a handsome soldier marches into her life.

After his dad barely escapes a house fire, Troy Chapman is forced to return home from the army. He finds the life he left behind buried in ashes with a beautiful red-haired firefighter at the center of it all.

Troy has six weeks to set everything straight before he returns to base, but time at home isn’t easy. Haunted by painful childhood memories, he is now fighting to reclaim the little peace he had before Iraq. A dedicated soldier, Troy is committed to returning to the army, but something about Megan makes him want to put down roots in the very place he’s been trying to escape for years.

Megan and Troy burn for each other, but time is ticking until they must go back to their separate lives. With a new danger on the horizon, Megan and Troy must decide what they really want before they lose their chance at love—and possibly their lives.

A steamy contemporary romance, A Touch of Fire is the second book in the Sisters in Sirens series. If you like strong women with secret superpowers and the men who love them, you’ll love Kathryn K. Murphy’s newest page-turning romance. Get your copy today!

Publication Date 19/6/2022

A Touch of Fire: A Steamy Small Town Romance (The Sisters in Sirens Series Book 2 by Kathryn K. Murphy

My Review

Second book in this series. And it’s being added as a favourite series to read again. I loved it, couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Ordinary women with powers they have to hide.

Megan is fireproof, there is no better way to describe it. She’s never been able to get burnt, so being a firefighter seemed the obvious choice of career.

She’s also a lover of animals, she has cats and birds, and a turtle. In fact she gets on better with animals that with people. That’s probably why she offers a temporary home to the dog she rescued from the fire she attended. (Can’t keep pets in hospitals)

I liked Megan, a kind hearted soul who only wants to help.

Laura is the paramedic with healing hands (Laura/Carter are MC’s in book one A Touch of Healing) Laura and Megan became friends after Megan discovered Laura’s secret, they are now secret sisters (sworn to keep one another’s secret safe from the world) she gave a boost to the old man who suffered in the fire.

Troy is a bit of an enigma at first. We meet him at his work of place with is the army, he’s informed by phone that his father had suffered a heart attack after a fire.

He’s being asked to visit and arrange care for his father. Reading between the lines I get the feeling he’s seeing a therapist for the loss of family members.

Troy seems like a nice nice, but can he actually help his father and give him the care he needs?

When Megan and Troy meet for the first time, Troy is mesmerised by the mysterious woman. He wants to know more about her, but before he can talk to her, she’s off…..

They soon bond over the love of Troy’s father. They become close, but Troy is hiding something. And that will come back and test the bond Megan and Troy have for one another…..

They want to be together, with him about to return to barracks can they really form a lasting relationship?

It’s not necessary to read the previous book as it stands on its own quiet happily, but yet there is a mystery that needs solving!

And that’s where Ash Comes in 😉

A highly recommended read from me.


*Arc supplied by The Reading cafe.

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