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In Like Flynn (Pirates of King’s Landing Book 2) by Lauren Smith


A Royal Navy Officer’s Guide to Seducing a Pirate Lass:

• Go undercover as a fellow pirate

• Steal kisses whenever possible

• Do not fall in love, no matter how tempting your pirate lass is

Brianna Holland has always been free. Her entire life she’s never known the bars of any cage until she’s captured in Port Royal trying to help a fellow pirate escape. Suddenly facing the hangman’s noose unless she betrays her father’s location to the Royal Navy, she clings to the hope that a new prisoner in her cell brings. The roguish and seductive Nicholas Flynn is charming and irresistible and soon the pair make a clever escape from the prison. Once on board her ship and safely at sea, Brianna soon learns that there are other dangers than storms and naval frigates prowling the waters. This time, her heart and her father’s life might be at risk.

Royal Navy Lieutenant Nicholas Flynn has a problem. He’s been assigned to gain the confidence of a pirate prisoner in Port Royal in order to learn the whereabouts of the notorious pirate king Thomas Buck. But when he meets the man he’s supposed to win the trust of and eventually betray, he is stunned to discover it’s no man, but a woman named Brianna, who he is to befriend and betray. Not only that, but he learns that she is Thomas Buck’s daughter. Knowing Brianna will face torture at the hands of a cruel military captain if she doesn’t talk, Flynn helps her escape. If Flynn finds a way to lead the Royal Navy to Brianna’s father, he’ll lose the only woman who’s ever stolen his heart.

Other Books in the Series:

Book 1: No Rest for the Wicked

Book 2: In Like Flynn

Book 3: Devil of the High Seas

Publication Date 19/7/2022

In Like Flynn (Pirates of King’s Landing Book 2) by Lauren Smith

My Review

Book two in this series, and although I’ve not read the previous book, it doesn’t make a difference. But saying that I may go back and read that one as i throughly enjoyed this book.

An historical romance set on the high seas. A story of betrayal and romance. And a story with plenty of action and adventure.

Brianna loves to feel the wind in her hair and the splashing of the waves on her face. A free spirit, a beloved daughter and member of her father’s crew. She’s had to earn that respect, she’s had to be the best, all the while never losing sight of who she is. Dressed as a man every time she leaves the ship is a chore, but one she’s always mindful of as people could recognise her and use her against her father.

Flynn is honour bound to see that the pirate Thomas Buck is brought to justice. He’s given the chance when told to befriend a member of the pirates crew, that is until he realises the crew member is a woman! He now faces a dilemma, save the girl and lose his career, or leave her to rot in prison!

So will they set sail for happiness, or will someone scupper their chances and sink their love boat?

This is a fun read, plenty of fast paced action. Throw in some spicy moments and banter from Brianna and the hours just flew by as I immersed myself in their tale. It’s beautifully written, nothing is left out, you can imagine the waves, smell the cell Brianna is kept in, and feel the love she has for both her father and Flynn, you feel the conflict that this situation put Flynn in. And it will you have you rooting for the pirates (not all pirates are bad guys) 🏴‍☠️

There is a few twists along the way. And a moment in the prologue that will pan out in a way neither Flynn nor Brianna expected 😉

The story did remind me a little of the film “Cutthroat Island” a female pirate and a rogue who sought to betray her 💜

I highly recommended read from an author I’m adding to my list.


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe.

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