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Wolf Tamer (Moon Kissed Book 2) by Harper A. Brooks

Wolf Tamer (Moon Kissed Book 2) by Harper A. Brooks


Love is only a distraction, a weakness.

Tasha failed.

Her damn feelings got in the way of doing her job, and now, her coven has marked her for death. To stay alive, she has no choice but to turn to the very person she was meant to kill. Reid.

To make things worse, her witch magic is returning and it’s interfering with her invisibility, something she desperately needs to find out what happened to her sister.

Hiding Tasha among his pack has Reid questioning his hatred for her kind, while pretending to be her mate has him questioning his own sanity. What happens when fake feelings morph into something more? Something real and dangerous?

They’re so close to finding out the secrets behind the Redcliff Pack and the Buson witches—so close—but the truth will not only be painful…

It’ll end up changing everything.

Get swept up in all the action and romance with Wolf Tamer, the second book in the Moon Kissed Series by Harper A. Brooks!

Publication Date 28/7/2022

My Review

Book one definitely needs to be read before opening up book two.

And book two starts where book one ended…..

Tasha And Reid are still fighting their attraction for one another. They are still trying to work out who is trying to kill them, and where Tasha’s sister is…..

Returning to Reid was never the plan, but pretending to uphold the plan and kill Reid should buy Tasha some time.

Told in both the main characters points of view, we watch as Reid fights for both his life and the leadership of his pack…..

We hold our breath as it looks like Tasha will face death at the hands of her witch community.

The double dealings will make your head spin and the action scenes leave you breathless.

The book starts at a furious pace, and it doesn’t let up, brilliantly written it draws you in with the chemistry between Tasha and Reid, the mystery as you try to solve who is behind trying to take out Reid and kill Tasha.

Witches sent Tasha to kill Reid, but after learning more about Reid and the coven, Tasha is so confused about her feelings to Reid and her duty to the family that took her in.

Reid should hate Tasha, he use to hate witches, still does in fact, but his pact needs their magic to stay hidden from the human world. His family don’t trust her, and his pack hate her, so if he wants to make her his mate then that’s some big bridges to mend.

We also have a few secrets that are beginning to be revealed, are a few witches working with members of Reid’s pack? And if so, why?

And the ending…..

What a cliffhanger that was. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait to find out what happens next.


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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