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A Lick of Magic (Satan’s Touch Academy Book 1) by Crea Reitan

A Lick of Magic (Satan’s Touch Academy Book 1) by Crea Reitan


Sacred Tongue Academy. Or as the students call it, Satan’s Touch Academy.

Five best friends, a small coven of witches, embark on their culminating project for their graduate degree—to start and successfully run their own business. Their shop’s name? A Lick of Magic. And what are they selling? Why, only magically enhanced sex toys, of course.

E, Dev, Sin, Indie, and Crea have been thick as thieves since they met, and as the year starts with the launch of their shop, they expect it to go as any other. But it quickly becomes apparent this is not the smooth sailing final two years they all planned as they’re sucked into the school’s hidden secret society. Especially when they meet a group of sexy as Hell men that they’re sure cannot be human. Not being human isn’t a big deal, of course – not in their world. But why are they pretending to be?

In a school known for its dark corners, growls in the dark, noises behind closed doors, and a death or two each year, the girls now have to add ‘staying off the radar of the society that’s proving to be anything than what it appears’ to their agendas.

Five book series. Each will be following one of the five witches as they create their magical sex toys and the hilarity that comes with it, struggle to run a successful business and still keep their grades up, and you know – survive the claws of the secret society. All while falling into steamy relationships that they had not planned on.

Publication Date 21/7/2022

My Review

A high school story (reverse harem) which seems to be in thing for writers to do at the moment.

It’s a five book series with the stories focusing around five friends and each book will be following one female as she finds love in the high school she attends.

E, Dev, Sin, Indie, and Crea have known each other for a long time, their plan to make money and finish their education is the only thing on their minds at the moment. Young witches learning their trade at the same time as their schooling might prove a bit of a challenge, but together they intend to succeed in both magic and academia. But it’s not as easy at that (well there wouldn’t be much of a story otherwise)

And then add a group of young supernaturals males passing themselves off as human!

I giggled and laughed through most of the book. Magically enhanced s€x toys!! But it’s an idea I haven’t read about before so I was intrigued as to where the author would take this book (and the series) and the author used the idea really well.

We focus on Crea in this book, but there are POV (points of view) from the other girls and the males that interact within the book. And in some parts of the book that does become a little hectic! We also have background and plot to fill in.

Strange things are happening at the school, and a lot of the time it’s not really mentioned, but it does upset the group of girls and they intend to find out what’s going on a d how they can put a stop to it…..

I’ve read this author a few times and your always guaranteed a thrilling ride.

Cliffhanger? A little one, but it’s more of follow on rather than a huge cliffhanger. And I felt it was a HFN (happy first now) rather that a HEA (happy ever after)


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

This is a polyamorous story with content not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes.

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Crea’s Godlings –; please visit my website for full list of content and warnings:

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