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Corrupt Fire (The Angel Fire Book 5) by Marie Johnston

Corrupt Fire (The Angel Fire Book 5) by Marie Johnston


One minute the angel Tosca is a respected enforcer having a drink with someone she considers an ally. The next minute she wakes up beside a dead body, red-handed and blackballed.

Now enforcers she used to call friends are calling her a murderer. When they dredge up the past she’s so carefully buried, she’ll only look guiltier. Her only hope for clearing her name is escaping to Earth—and seeking refuge in the one place she vowed never to set foot in again.

One minute the angel Bronx is a frustrated warrior railing at the corruption that keeps him from doing his job. The next minute he’s got free rein to hunt the bane of his existence.

The cute but infuriating enforcer has been questioning his every move and tattling to her crooked senator friends. But now that Tosca is on the run, there’s nowhere on Earth he won’t follow—even if it takes him smack into a nest of forgotten angels and unchecked demons who will do anything to stay that way.

Except once he finds Tosca, he doesn’t know what to do with her. His gut tells him she’s innocent, but he’ll have to gain her trust to learn who framed her and why. Yet Tosca has no intention of letting any male dictate her fate again, even one who stars nightly in her dreams. Together they could root out the corruption bedeviling their realm—but divided they will fall prey to a determined enemy adept at killing enforcers and warriors alike.

Publication Date 12/7/2022

My Review

Book five in this series, and it’s becoming a firm favourite.

I really like the authors work and style of writing (she writes both paranormal and contemporary romance)

We jump straight into a murder and Tosca is the only suspect! Covered in the dead man’s blood it’s looking like she did it, only she’s certain that she couldn’t have……

Tosca is an angel enforcer, upholding the laws of her kind.

There is a past to Tosca she doesn’t want anyone to find out about (if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to read the book😉) it definitely shaped her into the Angel she is today.

Bronx is confused. One minute the senate is telling him he’s doing his job wrong, and then the next they are telling him to use any means to track and apprehend the murderer, but when Bronx finds out who he’s suppose to be bringing in, he’s first surprised to shocked. But his feelings aren’t going to sway him in his duty.

But the longer he spends around Tosca, the harder Bronx thinks she is guilty. He had a job to do, he needs to bring her in and for Tosca to answer for her crimes.

It’s a fast paced story that doesn’t stop until the end (and it sets up the next story) As always it’s well thought out and brilliantly written. We don’t get too bogged down with useless information.

I really liked the characters of Tosca and Bronx, both have a past they’d rather forget, and both are doing their best to be better angels.

These books are loosely connected, but can easily be read without reading any of the other books in this series.

Corruption is rife in the angel realm and the price our characters that have had to pay for their happiness has been rather steep, and this one is no exception.

So how will Tosca clear her name? Can Bronx help her, or will he be another in a long line to let her down?


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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