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Crosshairs by Felicity Ribero

Crosshairs by Felicity Ribero


They were from two different worlds.

Like two trains never crossing paths, they would have gone on without any shred of their lives coinciding. Until a late-night encounter brings them crashing into each other’s lives.

Cole, a small-time New York gun trafficker who has been unlucky for the better part of his life knows better than to dream of a better life. Jaded, exhausted and down on his luck, he struggles to deal with the reality of his choices.

Amidst dodging the keen attention of the authorities, and evading the sly notice of his crafty companions, he certainly has no patience to indulge a spoilt busy-body reporter with peas for brain and a hankering for danger. He thinks she’s crazy and wants nothing to do with her even if her smile takes his breath away and her presence soothes his wounds.

Samantha, on the other hand, is not letting go. She is a shark who has smelt blood and is honing in for the kill or the caresses.

But one thing is certain; Cole is a puzzle she is determined to unravel.
As the web of dark schemes and mysterious ploys thicken around them, passion flares to life, and so do other threats. These two are utterly defenseless against the attacks or the kisses.

Will they survive the imminent explosion that draws ever nearer or will these two finally get a chance to go after their fairytale romance?

Publication date 15/8/2022

My Review

This is a Romantic/Murder/Suspense story.

The hero isnโ€™t really a hero?! A gun trafficker whose moral compass swings from one end to the other. Life choices brought him to where he is nowโ€ฆ..

Samantha needs to show her editor sheโ€™s more than just a fluff reporter, she can deal with hard hitting topicsโ€ฆ..

So putting these two together shouldnโ€™t have happened, but Sam smells a story and wonโ€™t let it go, but she needs to be careful as other people have Cole in their sights, and she could be collateral damage!!

The attraction that Cole and Sam have for one another is pretty obvious (even though she distracted him no end!) theyโ€™re banter and connection is really easy to follow. There are a couple of lighthearted moments that will have you smiling. There is also that feeling that Cole could be more, there are a few surprises along the wayโ€ฆ..

Storyline is well thought out and executed really well. Maybe a little more action and suspense (but thatโ€™s just me) and a little predictable in places.

But once I picked the book up, I found it really hard to put down.

Attention to detail is a key for me, and this new author paid attention to details.

So will Cole be able to put his past behind him? Or is that easier said than done? Can Sam bring an exclusive story to her editor without endangering both Cole and herself? And can they really have a HEA?

Iโ€™d recommend this book for anyone who likes their romance with a spot of mystery thrown in for good measure.


*arc supplied by The Reading Cafe

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