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The Dragon’s Bond (Jade Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 2) by Marie Johnston

The Dragon’s Bond (Jade Dragon Shifter Brothers Book 2) by Marie Johnston



I was supposed to be a brutal and ruthless ruler of my dragon shifter clan, but I’ve defied the odds to become a calm male who thinks before he acts. I rule my small town fairly, without the bloodshed. The only time I acted with the same selfishness of my parents was when I selected my mate. And for the last four years, I’ve worried I ruined her life. I want to do better, but I don’t know how, and if I don’t figure it out, she’ll be gone.


I know Lachlan didn’t grow up like me. He didn’t have a loving, supportive, and completely smothering family to dote on him. But when he announced he wanted me to be his, I was elated. I had high hopes. And then we just…existed together. A female dragon shifter is rarely short of pride, but if Lachlan doesn’t talk to me, I can’t picture a second chance for us. And when someone tries to kills me, I worry we won’t be able to try.

Publication Date 18/9/2022

My Review

I’m loving this series and meeting more family members. We started off with the Silver Clan, which lead us to the Jade Clan and then the Garnet Clan, and also the Peridot Clan. (So I’m hoping another series of books will spring out from them) 😉

Indy has had enough of being the leaders mate! She tired of being ignored and not being included in the running of the clan! It’s time to make changes …..

Lachlan is the leader of the Jade Clan, he’s been their leader since his parents died in a fire.

Lachlan is hiding a secret, and he’s terrified someone will eventually find out!!

We get to meet Levi which will take us to meet a new Clan (although we met them briefly in this book, and it’s not another dragon Clan!)

You don’t need to read the previous book, it stands well enough in its own. But reading the previous book does give a little insight into Lachlan and his thoughts…..

Lachlan and Indy have been mated for a few years!

Lachlan needed to mate for leadership reasons!

Indy did as she was asked! Although she was both relieved (her former boyfriend was beginning to give off creep vibes!) and surprised (Lachlan could have had his pick of mates)

But with a vast chasm between them how will they ever overcome it? Do they want too?

It has a little angst, passion and secrets. It also has a little danger for both the main characters.

Lachlan finds it hard to express his feelings for his mate, he truly loves her, but I get the impression he’s never really told her! And Indy is full of self doubt when it comes to her mate! He’s never at home and he’s always with other women (her family and town like to tell get often!)

Both characters needed their heads banged together. Both have feelings for one another, and both can’t express them…..

If you love a second chance romance with dragons and a bossy mate, I’d recommend this one in a heartbeat. It’s shortish, and with all of her books you want just a little more 😉 characters are great, settings are detailed enough for you to imagine yourself there.


*arc supplied by the author.

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